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  1. Sweet baby jesus that looks so much bigger. I saw a 1500 AT4 at the dealership while getting my collapsed lifter fixed and it was huge. I can't imagine how big the HD AT4 is going to look like. I am looking to upgrade to a 2500 next year and may need a bigger driveway.
  2. My 2014 All Terrain with 15,000 miles is doing the same thing in the same spot. I just noticed it the other day and was going to call my dealership to schedule something.
  3. I was recycling my used oil with the fine folks at Jiffy Lube and asked them what a full synthetic oil change on my truck would cost. The desk person told me "A hundred something". Of course, I went to Wally World for some Pennzoil Platinum and Fram Ultra filter and did it myself.
  4. It's my driveway, so I don't exactly have a different spot to park in. I will be adding a motion light in the immediate future. Maybe some cameras down the line.
  5. I was there when the wheels arrived. They were cleaned and got a coat of Poorboy's Wheel Sealant before they were installed. But, I did not wash the tires. I guess I will give them a good scrub when I do eventually get the truck back.
  6. That was done while the truck was on the jack stands waiting for the new wheels to arrive. I don't send a dirty vehicle in for service or repair.
  7. Current update: Adjuster came out Wednesday morning and went over the truck and wrote up his estimate for backing plates, ball joints, etc. New wheels and tires arrived on Wednesday afternoon and were installed. Of course, they installed Chevy wheel centers. So,the guy had to take the wheels off again, just to pop them out. Insurance towed the truck to the local GMC dealer to replace the rear backing plates, front ball joints and do an alignment. On Thursday, another estimator from insurance checked out the truck at the dealer and left his paperwork with them. Dealer and insurance had a debate on hourly rate and labor hours needed to complete repairs. On Friday during lunch, dealer service adviser calls to tell me that they were waiting on the insurance company to authorize their labor rate and hours. I called insurance and after a conference call, they finally settled on a number to fix the truck. Still, it was a Friday afternoon, so I knew damn well I wasn't going to see my truck until Monday. It's just been a long, crappy week.
  8. The wheels and tires arrived yesterday. Unfortunately, they sent Chevy wheel centers. The truck was towed to the dealer to have the rear brake backing plates replaced along with the front ball joints and an alignment. That is what the adjuster spec'd out in his estimate. The correct GMC wheel centers will be installed there as well. The new Hankook tires look much better than the SRAs. I'm having the oil changed, front rocking seat fixed and headlights addressed while the truck is there as well. I'm hoping that I get my truck back on Friday. This Altima I have fora rental is a total POS and really should be retired from the Hertz fleet.
  9. I took several photos and just finished putting the truck on jack stands. There is something unnerving about jacking up a truck that is only resting on ball joint studs on the front and brake dust shields on the rear. The dust shields have both been pushed up into the rotors. I took more pictures and will be contacting insurance about those as well. Once it gets wheels and tires, I'm hoping to get it to the dealership to have the dust shields replaced since they are bent up into the brake discs. I have not seen any scratches yet I am getting the OEM wheels and the Hankook Dynapro AT-M tires tomorrow afternoon. The BFG Rugged Terrain would have cost more than I wanted to spend. The Hankooks were the same price as the SRAs.
  10. Up in Kingwood/Porter. Usually pretty good around our neighborhood. I just think they knew what they were doing.
  11. I appreciate the fast and varied responses so far. And to answer the question, yes I had the factory wheel locks on them. They left behind most of the lugs and the locks. The locks were not damaged at all, so they must have had a key set with them. Another truck in a different section (GMC SLE) was hit as well from what I have been told. The tire and wheel company is going to try and help me out with tire selection. I just wanted to get some opinions so I can look a few over to suggest to them. With luck, I might have the new wheels and tires late today or tomorrow. Once the kids are awake and fed, I'll have time to get out there with them and get the truck up on proper jack stands and inspect for further damage. I'll be taking a lot of pictures first for documentation. The rear discs are sitting on the rocks themselves right now.
  12. My 2014 All Terrain is sitting on some landscape stones right now. Some enterprising individuals grabbed my wheels and tires sometime between midnight and 5:00 am. They had a whopping 6,000 miles on them. No other damage to the truck that I can see. Insurance has a company that sources replacement wheels and tires. I am hoping to be able to get something different than the SRA tires that came on the truck. I've gone through a few threads already, but am looking fora few more opinions. I want something that actually looks a bit fitting for an All Terrain, but still has good road manners. The most off roading I currently do is towing our trailer to a campground, so grass and stone driveways. I don't want my mileage to take a hit.I also don't have a lift or level kit, so they need to be stock size. Any suggestions out there that are priced within a reasonable range of the Goodyear SRAs?
  13. I still love Clearkote QuikShine. It works great on paint, glass and chrome.
  14. Don't forget the $999 Paint Protection Package, $199 Wheel Locks and $500 Appearance Package of pinstripes.
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