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  1. Only keep my truck through its warranty period and then replace - not worried about it. I want the new complicated stuff...
  2. My dealer has said on a few occasions now that they are expecting a new large center screen to compete with the Ram 12" screen in next gen trucks. No proof or detail provided - has anyone else heard of such a rumor? Ready to replace my '17 Denali 3500 SRW, but don't want to do a like for like with a '19. Waiting to drive new Denali and RAM Not too impressed with interior on next generation GMC's - holding out hope they bring more to the party.
  3. You, my friend, have your priorities right!
  4. Sounds easy! Not to get specific, but 3.5 inches - have to put inch and three-quarters on each end. I've measured - very precisely.
  5. Yep - Standard box, crew cab overall length now 10.5 inches longer. I have 14 inches of clearance in my garage with my current '17 Denali. Not parking outside (I'm too high maintenance for that). Might be a deal breaker for me.
  6. 2019 RAM Heavy Duty

    Generally I'm not brand biased - will go with the best truck available at the time. Past 3 have been Sierra HD Denali. Had a 14 Ram 2500 Limited before those. I have to say that the interior technology and "feel" was definitely better than the highest end GM has to offer and they appear to still be leading the charge in that space. I had 7 recalls in a 3 month span on my RAM and the track bar mounts on the front had poor weld from factory and was a recall as well. Other 6 recalls were software only. Right now, I'm holding on replacing my current '17 3500HD until I see what the GMC has to offer in exterior and interior. But, if the interior is EXACTLY the same (which appears to be the case) as the GM 1/2 ton's... I will probably go back and take my chances for the next year or so with the Ram. Defiantly not a fan of the Silverado exterior and the interior of the 1/2's is weak.
  7. Winter Tire Setups

    If you want a no compromise snow performance tire - go dedicated winter, not all season. All respect to the KO2's and Duratrac's of the world, but they are all a compromise. I currently run a LT275/65R20 General Grabber Arctic LT in the winter and Michelin Defender LTX in the spring/summer/fall. Pleased with the performance. If I was buying another set today for my 3500HD, I'd be ordering a set of the new Bridgestone Blizzak LT's. Check them out! Can't emphasize enough the difference a true winter tire makes...
  8. Southwest Michigan - around the Kalamazoo area.
  9. Thanks! We are loving summertime here in Michigan. We have a house full of Mastercraft fans.
  10. Sierra Denali HD

  11. Almost 23,000 relatively trouble-free miles. Have experienced the following problems: Low coolant warning message - Leaking lower tube and three service trips to get "air bubble" out of the system Emmission code - required replacement of DEF tank (sensor problem in tank) Minor surging and slow speed drivability issues - resolved by ECM flash in November/December Love the power levels and lower noise from the L5P versus my previous LML's. Overall positive experience with this truck. Only two things I don't like: Regens - very noticeable (higher idle) and always a burning chemical smell if I come to a stop - drive thru's are the worst if you have a regen underway - have not raised issue to dealer Lack of some more modern features (heads-up display, push button start, active cruise, etc.) which should be resolved in next generation model Overall, I would buy this truck again.
  12. I have the same tire in LT275/65R20's and they are significantly better than any all terrain tire that I've run in the past (BFG KO2's, Wrangler AT Adventurer, Michelin AT/2's). With Blizzak made the DM-V2's in an LT rated tire - best dedicated snow I've ever used. First set of this brand for me. Great traction, significantly noisy for me - spring/summer/fall tires are LTX Defenders for comparison.
  13. 3500 vs 2500?

    Went from a 15 and a 16 2500HD Denali to a 17 3500HD Denali. Both Duramax/Allison. No TPMS is great as I like to run the tires at a lower pressure while unloaded for ride comfort. I found little difference between the two on the ride comfort side. Switched from the 18 inch wheels (only size available on 3500HD SRW) to a factory 20 inch wheel and went LT275/65R20 to get the higher-than-factory-18-inch load capacity. Overall, I really no longer see a reason to get the 2500HD. To me, 3500 price point is essentially the same (no tax or registration differences in Michigan) plus I get much more payload capacity with the overload springs and frame stops. Once we hook up our boat, considering pin weight, passengers, and all the gear we throw in the back for a week excursion - have to believe I'm beyond rated limit for 2500HD. Just my .02.
  14. Go to www.kbb.com and build your truck exactly as you either like or the one on the lot is equipped. Take a look at the MSRP and the Invoice. I generally like to purchase somewhere a little less than invoice. Dealer still gets a profit, I feel it's a fair price point for negotiations. Supplier discount is generally a little less than invoice but varies by vehicle. Only spot I can't make this work is if a vehicle is in high demand (brand new model with limited availability or something similar). So, on a 72k MSRP, I'd guess invoice to be around 66-67k. So, I'd probably shoot for 65ish...

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