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  1. This makes me happy/optimistic. Dealer checked for me tonight, my target production week is currently set to 9/30. Kinda funny, I think it's just going to show up at some point, I'm just a few hours away from the production plant in Michigan. Waiting patiently...
  2. I'm a big fan of adaptive cruise. Agree with the OP on this topic, a bit annoyed that it's not available. Every vehicle we have has it, except for current GMC 3500 and soon to arrive 2020 3500 Denali. Even our Jeep Wrangler has adaptive. Will drive the 2020 until adaptive is released and trade - problem solved. Yes, a bit annoying, but GM will get there eventually. That could be a new marketing slogan. "We get there, eventually."
  3. Assuming it will take them a few days to get back into normal operating conditions. I had a TPW of 9/23 - which was about 1 week before the strike. I'll send an update in this thread when I actually go into production (my dealer is going to keep a close eye on it for me). Deliveries were looking to be a bit slow before the strike with the new model launch, spending a little longer than you'd expect in QC. I'd assume your on the 10-12 week wait if you placed an order today - depending on allocation and where it's at in the scheduling process. If it goes faster, bonus!
  4. Depending on the results and outcome of the strike resolution, I'm a little worried about my truck being built within the first couple weeks of operations starting back up.... My target production was 9/23.
  5. Yep - my TPW is 9/23. Same configuration as you. Guessing there's a likelihood of delay. They'll work it out... Patience...
  6. Same for me. I'm around 13k on our boat that we pull. 9-10 pulling on the highway (75-80), 15 unloaded city, 19-20 highway unloaded. 17' 3500HD SRW L5P. Anticipate the new HD will be the same. Bigger truck, but 10 speed in theory offsets some of that. Maybe marginally better (0.00003% better?)
  7. Honestly couldn't tell the difference in ride in the 15-19 3500 SRW vs 2500 (owned a few of them both). If the 2020's are very similar, not sure why you wouldn't get the 3500. Price is basically a wash...
  8. Thanks - Moderate thread hi-jack, but epoxy coating my floor, insulating and heating my garage is one of my favorite investments. These two vehicles fit a bit better than the new HD.
  9. I have owned two 1/2 ton Denali's (2012 and 2014) 2015.5 2500 Denali LML 2016 2500 Denali LML 2017 3500 SRW Denali L5P 2020 3500 SRW Denali L5P (awaiting arrival in September) If I did not need to tow, I would be back in the 1/2 ton. Ride is significantly better, acceleration, step-in height, fit in my garage. All better. However, have toys, love 1-ton SRW. Ride is good and I drive every day in the winter in Michigan. Watch size of new HD. It is actually almost a foot longer than outgoing HD (10.5 inches). This is what I have to deal with in my garage for new HD - this is an SLT I took home to test fit in the pictures before placing order.
  10. Just took one home for a test fit. Denali 3500SRW Duramax on order, should be here in a few months. It clears the door by a few inches... Only have 1.5 inches in the front and 1.5 inches in the back. Backup camera for the win. IMG_1358.HEIC
  11. I'm probably going with a 20 Denali and want adaptive cruise, however my understanding is that the 20's are not coming with adaptive cruise.
  12. Only keep my truck through its warranty period and then replace - not worried about it. I want the new complicated stuff...
  13. My dealer has said on a few occasions now that they are expecting a new large center screen to compete with the Ram 12" screen in next gen trucks. No proof or detail provided - has anyone else heard of such a rumor? Ready to replace my '17 Denali 3500 SRW, but don't want to do a like for like with a '19. Waiting to drive new Denali and RAM Not too impressed with interior on next generation GMC's - holding out hope they bring more to the party.
  14. Sounds easy! Not to get specific, but 3.5 inches - have to put inch and three-quarters on each end. I've measured - very precisely.
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