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  1. Cost me $826 installed with the core charge to keep the old wheel. I'm filing a claim with GM. I just can't believe that this could be my fault since I have no recollection of impacting something that hard. The wheel has a slight bend at the location of the crack but I think the bend could have happened as a result of the crack.
  2. The tire had 61 psig the day before it started losing air. It's the drivers front wheel and it's the inside lip that cracked.
  3. Has anyone cracked a 20" Denali rim? I have no recollection of hitting anything hard and somehow my wheel cracked along the inside edge. Thought I picked up a nail or something because it was losing 40 psi a day. The tire shows no damage or sign of impact. Not sure how this will be handled on a truck that's only 13 months old.
  4. So my 2016 Duramax has roughly 1000 miles on it and the DEF level went from OK to 28%. Do they consume more when brand new, or did the dealer likely just not fill it?
  5. I had a 2014 Sierra 1500 Denali 6.2L with about 50,000 miles and I got about $36,000 on the trade in. I got the new truck for about $55,500.
  6. What's everyone been paying/been offered for extended warranties on their 2500 HD Duramax? I just bought mine Friday and the dealer wanted $2900 for a 5 year/72,000 mile warranty. Seems steep to me so I passed.
  7. See the attachment for a picture of the new truck!
  8. Just traded in my 2014 Sierra 1500 Denali with the 6.2L for a 2016 Sierra 2500HD Denali equipped with the Duramax. This is my first diesel vehicle ever. Any tips for a first time diesel owner? Is there anything people do to these trucks that doesn't mess with the GM warranty? I gotta say I'm loving it so far!
  9. I brought my transmission shift issues to my dealers attention multiple times since it was brand new. Last summer they confirmed the symptoms I was experiencing and told me a transmission update would be released in 2-4 weeks to address my issue. It has been almost a year and no transmission update is available. I just requested an updated from the service department on the transmission update and mentioned the service bulletin mentioned earlier in this thread. I received this reply "there is another bulletin and it is for a brake switch concern, what happens is the brake switch is a variable type switch that tells the computer how much the brakes are applied. They found out the switch sticks at about 11% on, not enough for the brake light to come on, but the computer thinks the brakes are applied, and ramps up the pressure on the trans causing up shifts and down shifts to be very firm and harsh. We are to replace the brake switch and to relearn the trans shift adapts." This actually makes sense to me and will hopefully be the resolution I/we have all been looking for.
  10. Replacing the cracked valve spring appears to have fixed it. I'll keep this thread updated if anything changes.
  11. So the dealer went to replace the valve springs and claims the intake valve spring on one cylinder was cracked. So I believe they are only replacing the two valve springs on that cylinder.
  12. Dealer said the tech drove it home with the computer on it and sent the data to tech support at GM. GM said to replace all valve springs on the whole motor.
  13. So first attempt was a cylinder 8 plug and wire, second attempt was all 8 plugs and wires, third attempt was cylinder 8 coil pack, fourth attempt was cylinder 7 coil pack. Truck still misfires. Unbelievably frustrating.
  14. Has anyone had luck with a GM buyback on their new truck with over 24,000 miles? I have 26,000 miles with a repeat problem that has yet to be fixed after 3 attempts. Truck has had a couple other issues and I'd really like a new truck. Not looking for a full refund, just assistance on a new truck.
  15. Cylinder 8 coil pack replacement did not solve the issue. Not sure what the dealer will try next.
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