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  1. 2014 LTZ silverado: Anyone know what the fix is for the seat bottom heater? Both drivers side and passenger went out at same time but the heated back still works. I preffer to fix it myself, unless it is a major part. Checked all fuses and they look fine.
  2. All I needed was a breaker bar, simple puller and and socket to loosen the belt tensioner. I locked the engine at the flywheel , from uder the truck. Yes, the crank bolts are torque to yeild but you can use an ARP bolt, if you wish to use a high quality torque crank bolt. Couple of my GM trucks in ther past, I got 14 rwhp on the dyno, after I changed the pulley out. It seeems our trucks work off some kind of engine load map, that kicks in the DOD 4 banger mode. So if the engine feels less load, then it seems to hold 4 banger longer and MPG increases. Less load also helps mpg and that comes from lighter/smaller diameter crank pulley (easier to turn) and slowing down all the accesories that the engine has to turn by around 25%. I had a UD pulley on one of my older 2004 4x4 silverado and ran it for 168K miles till I sold it. I contributed never having any accessory`s fail (wp, alt, steering or idler pulley)in that time, due to turning everything a little slower. I dynoed 14 hp gain on that 6.0 engine from the UD pulley and my average MPG was up. So for a few hundred bucks, it more than paid for itself.
  3. No issues at all. AC and charging are normal, even at idle. Alt. charging was first thing I checked and did that by turning on lights, AC , etc and look for a charge drop at idle but all is good. Here is a link. http://www.amazon.com/UPD-Chevrolet-Truck-Underdrive-Pulley/dp/B00U4F1Y5G/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1425254472&sr=8-1&keywords=2014+GM+truck+underdrive+crank+pulley
  4. I put the under drive pulley on a couple weeks ago and was a pretty easy install. The new Under drive balancer was a lot smaller and little lighter than the stock unit. Engine revs quicker and mpg seem to be about 1.5-2 mpg better and seat of pants power also feels stronger. I always ran under drive pulleys on all my GM trucks in the past and had good results, so was happy to get the new L83 kit on.
  5. Putting E85 in the 2014 5.3 has shown better results than any stret ecu/tcu tune for 93 octane so far for me. What I plan to do , is leave a street 87 octane tune in with good tcu tune and then go BIG on the E85 fuel tune. It is nice that GM gave us a nice starter race tune for E85..
  6. Anyone running the Intune on a 2014 5.3? If so, have tried the economy tune and notice if DOD is engaged longer on the hwy? MPG improve? I wish they had a tune for E85, since our maps are pretty aggresive for that fuel.
  7. I have some vibration and chatter as well and seems to be the rancho shocks with the LTZ package. they are damn smooth off road but suck on the hyw and I have same rough ride in cold weather, until tires/shocks warm up. wish I had the non z71 shocks that are twin tube VS mono tube for hyw ride. Also have a vibration from maybe the exhaust at higher rpm , just before the shift under heavy throttle.
  8. My MPG seemed to get worse and truck had more hessitation after the re-flash but then again , it must be gas or weather related. I used HP tuner to read my stock tune file ECU/TCU before taking thew truck in and HP tuner will show line by line any changes to the ECU/TCU and nothing showed up. To get huge drops in MPG, it would have to go into DOD lesss, as that makes the largest difference in mpg on hwy. I don`t know what the dealer changed but it does not show up in the ECU/TCU maps. Fuel/timing, trans and even dod show no changes. The dealer can flash into other areas of the system but HP tuner would show fuel, trans, timing and DOD changes. It even would show driver demand changes.
  9. Wow, never heard of that one before. Must be a lot of condensation build up in the tail pipe.
  10. The 2013 6.2L extended cab, light optioned LT , stock, ran [email protected] 96.4 mph. He did not have his truck at the track with us last Friday but ran a month earlier. The 14 5.3 has some extra TQ mgt that seems to come into play right at WOT VS the 6.2, as 6.2 has some quick pull but the 5.3 stops the pull and maybe even gains some up to the 98mph limitor. PS , was dissapointing to have my thread moved fom the 2014 general section, as these are new trucks with new engines and most of all, did not have time to share all the general 2014 truck info I had to share in this thread. Like data logs, general feel of the truck under power, E85 Vs 93 test and how all this relates to the new 2014 truck performance. Getting mixed in with the antique LS engine format , will make it harder to share info with the 2014 audience, until more of us exsist. I love the older LS trucks and cars as well and owned and raced most of them since 1998 but the LT1 new engine /trucks are whole different animals.
  11. Wanted to get a good stock baseline before adding the mods. Ran at Royal purple raceway in Baytown Tx. Have not seen or heard of any 1/4 mile times on our new trucks, except the mid 15 second ET that lingenfelter posted on thier test truck with a 4x4 3.08 gear. Truck is a 2014 silverado LTZ/Z71 2wd with 3.24`s. Pretty quick times for a 5.3 litre and MPH shows good power. There is some TQ mgt going on right at WOT, as we have been testing and loging runs against a 2013 6.2 litre. Cold track surface and 80% humidity made for a slippery launch pad. 2.16 60 ft time (tires spun) 14.63 @ 95.69 mph
  12. Not sure but based on what I have read and seen, 4x4, short bed CC all have aluminum. If the bed is longer, then it may be steel. The GMC AT I saw at the dealer, had steel but I did not check the bed lenght.
  13. Are you able to adjust the Variable cam timing and what gains, if any have you seen from changing cam events on the 5.3?
  14. I walked the dealership and looked at the front control arms being aluminum Vs steel and looks like ONLY 4x4 CC with 5-8 bed (and reg cab with longer bed 4x4) come with aluminum conrol arms and Steering knuckle plates. I did see a new GMC ALL TERRIAN model and it had steel , so that baffled me , unless the bed was longer. Anyway, out of about 50 trucks, all had steel but the few 4x4 with z71 packages had aluminum contorl arms. Since I have a 2wd with z71 package, that leaves me out of that option. It is easy to see the alumiun control arms, as they are silver in the wheel well area Vs steel are black. Also, this pacakge includes alumiun rear spring blocks and U bolt 4 hole bracket . Wish GM would put it on all the trucks and be done with it. Alumioun is stiffer and 1/3 lighter, as the GM alum pacakge removes about 42 lbs or so. Lot of it being un-sprung weight.
  15. I went back to the dealer to pick up the new tags and looked at a bunch of crew cabs with and without Z71 package. It seems that the steel control arms show up randomly on certian trucks , as I saw one z71 4x4 with steel and severla more with aluminum. I guess most would say who cares, but they are 41 lbs lighter, won`t rust (my steel have rust on them in 3 weeks already) and lighter control arms will help the susspension react to bumps a lot better.Last, I bought the LTZ full meal deal and want Aluminum, since GM advertised it so much:) I perosnally like the z71 package as an option on my 2wd. You get a lot more than just what is listed in some fo the threads. You get the new quicker locking rear end and that was a must for me, since this is the first time I elected to go 2wd. Metal shields are only on 4x4, so 2wd just has stock plastic shields. The front end on the z71 looks the best by far to me, as you get slotted dark grill, lower front valaince and extra front cladding that gives a more agressive look. Chrome tow kooks as well but no biggie there. Now inside, you get a carbon fiber look gauge pod background and with the z71 logo kind of ghosted into it. As one member said, you do not have the fake wood but instead a brushed aluminum panels. You also get nice brushed alumium z71 logo door sills. Out of the whole package, I do not like the ride of the rancho shocks , even though I have used them on many trucks in the past. I would rather have the twin tube shocks they use on on the none Z71 truck, as they are real smooth , as per the trucks I test drove. The ranchos have a slight chatter to them at certian speeds on the highway but other speeds they are smooth.
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