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  1. Steps are available for local pick up. Wheels are now 1400 cash!!! Let me know if you want them!
  2. These things have to go. First $1500 takes all four. PM me if interested. Local pick up in Southern California is free, shipping is extra
  3. Rims and tires still available. 1k miles on them. I'll do $1800, pm me if interested
  4. I didnt order a 4X4...I got the truck on a super super discount deal. It was a demo vehicle for the LA Auto Show... and it already had that option on it
  5. Hi, No Lemon Law. You need to take your truck to a dealer that wants to help you. The original dealer i took it too gave up on me so I took it to another and they helped me like no other. Then I opened up a claim with GM, they sent a tech out and swapped out tires, rims, driveline, etc and found no fix. Then I called the case handler 3 times daily until they started giving in. Then they offer u a trade and a bunch of BS to take money away (charge you for mileage, after market accessories, etc) , i went back and forth enough that they gave me every penny back. Im sure its all in a case by case basis but in my case "The squeeky wheel got the grease". Good luck and feel free to PM me ur number if you wanna chat. Tony
  6. Pace Edwards Full Metal cover... i love it...Super clean. DDM Lower LED fog lamps....intalling HID Kit tonight (5000K) New Flowmaster Custom Manderal Bent 3.5" Exhaust. cat back with 5" Stainless Dual Walled tip....Sounds like an animal!! Some random pics of it lowered....
  7. just dropped it last night. Mcgaughys 3/5 and CK375 24" Wheels from USARIM wrapped in Nexen 295/35-24 rubber. Still got alot to do... thanks to LOW2014 for the inspiration on the wheels!
  8. Do you guys know if they make a Chrome F-Cover kit? I just got my Denali and i definetly need to get rid of the front plate. Thanks
  9. i got two sets... factory take offs. Private message me. $200 a set. Im in Orange, Ca. Price does not include shipping
  10. only 500 miles on them. does not include TPM sensors. Located in Orange, Ca. $2000 for all. I also have two sets of these factory running boards for a 2014 Chevrolet or GMC Crew Cab trucks $200 for the pair of running boards Private message me if interested thanks!! Tony
  11. Love the truck. Where did you buy your wheels through? Web? Ebay? Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the comments guys....I installed a Pace Edwards Full Metal Jack Rabbit today on it and had the front windows tinted to match the rears.... cant wait to do other mods Ill post pics with better camera later this week... Tony
  13. So i had a new 2014 Sierra SLT Crew Cab Standard Box with crazy vibration issues (sat in the shop for well over two months in the 5 months i owned it). Well after a bunch of times in the shop and lots of head aches, GM stepped up and gave me a refund. I went to Cerritos GMC this past Sunday just to see if any Denalis came in...and I picked up this beauty... 2014 GMC Sierra Denali Crew Cab 4WD Short Box. Truck has everything...Lane departure, 6.2 Engine, Sunroof, very nice two tone brown interior, trailer brake, etc... I was a little scared into getting another GMC cause of the lemon but after test driving this thing three times, it drives great and the 6.2 doesnt dissapoint. It is a little stiffer cause of the Rancho Shocks but drives awesome... (Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics) PS- Also have two sets of side steps for sale. The ones pictured here and the set from my last truck. Asking 200 a set plus shipping. PM me if interested. Thx
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