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  1. I love the Nitto's also...this will be my 3 pair on 2 different trucks over the years. The tires wear really good from my experiences. I got 40,000+ out of my last set. You really need a programmer, it makes a world of difference and I'm getting around 15 highway and a little better in city around 16/17mpg.
  2. Love the truck! Did you put on any kind of performance chip/computer? I have the Max Energy and I'm getting about 15-16 mpg average.
  3. Go with the Bilstein 5100's....best shock out there. Pro-comp makes one that's identical called the Pro-runner. Fabtechs are ok but far from the other 2 I mentioned.
  4. Well GM finally bought my truck back and got a new truck. This is my new baby...it is nearly complete. MODS: Procomp 6 inch Coilover Suspension Nitto Mud Grapplers 35x12.50x20 BMF Wheels 20x10 19mm off-set Rockford Fosgate speakers all around with box and 10s Soon to come...Magnaflow out the sides and Amp Research Power Steps...plus more.
  5. Well, I hate to tell you but I went through this same exact scenario. Sounds like you have a bad fuel module or fuel pump. I had 10 engine lights within the first 500 miles. The dealer couldn't figure anything out until GM recommended changing the Module an/ or fuel pump. GM ended up buying my truck back and getting me a new truck.
  6. +1 Make sure you guys are checking your spam folder for the recall email. Alot of people are finding the email in there.
  7. Thanks and Ill keep you guys updated. I have had many problems go wrong with my truck, I've had the fuel module replaced, fuel tank, fuel pump, all the tires, back window, afm module and so on. Plus all the recalls...at this point I just don't feel safe in the truck.
  8. Looks like you might be right on the more expensive truck. Today the dealer called me and told me they found a crew cab all terrain and it would be 3500.00 more than my double cab. I told them that there will not be one penny coming out of my pocket.They then said they would try their hardest to work it out. Ill update on the next call....I'm very happy that i'm getting a new truck and glad i'm not going through with lemon law!!
  9. I have a 2014 GMC Sierra and really want some LED taillights. I've always seen the taillights come out pretty fast but they don't seem to be coming out for our 2014 trucks.
  10. I'm glad to see this topic turning out like this. It really shows how many of us really love our trucks and also lets people put their mind as ease about purchasing a new 2014 GM truck. I am going through a buy back due to so many problems and still love my truck and can't wait to get in another!
  11. This is an issue that can be fixed and I hope yours does very soon! I have had many problems with mine and still love it but trying to get another one soon.
  12. Even with all the problems I've had with my truck, I feel the same as you!! Congrats on the new truck.
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