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  1. One knob. I have this installed on my new Tacoma, and it works great. My Silverado has the built-in, which is awesome. https://www.amazon.com/Reese-Towpower-8508700-Compact-Control/dp/B073WX65YL/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3TW0FUT5C5FCN&keywords=remote+trailer+brake+controller&qid=1560831694&s=gateway&sprefix=remote+trailer+brake%2Caps%2C143&sr=8-4
  2. I actually found all of the information in the manual. You don't need a tool to set up the sensors, you can pair them right from the trailering app. I just need to find somebody to put the sensors in the tires..
  3. I also have a GMC Cargo van with the 6.0. Excellent engine, tons of torque, great fuel mileage (17MPG @ 80 MPH) and great mileage towing - about 12 MPG towing my airstream at 70 MPH. Very driveable.
  4. Hi. I just picked up a 2019 High Country and it came with 4 pressure sensors for a trailer, which apparently the truck can monitor. I called my local tire store, and they laughed and said that they had no idea what I was talking about and didn't want to get involved. So I tried my local GMC dealer where I usually get my trucks serviced, and my service advisor had no idea what I was talking about and said that nobody had ever asked them to install and set this system up. He said he would discuss with his techs, but I never heard back from him. Has anybody successfully set this system up? Wondering who installed the sensors and set up the truck... How much did it cost, and where did you manage to get it done. This is a feature I would love to have, but it seems that nobody is willing or able to install the sensors and set up the system. Any first-hand info would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  5. I've owned both the 6.2 and 5.3. The 6.2 has much more power, better drivability, and gets better gas mileage. If you are towing 9500 pounds without a weight leveling hitch, then you probably have 1000 pounds on the hitch ball. Which is a lot...
  6. Did the other set of replacement tires not end the shake? Why do you think the 3rd set will be different? I fixed mine with a set of take-off wheels and tires from a Yukon, but my problem was the 22" wheels with the bad Bridgestone tires.
  7. Hoping it stays. My service guy (the honest GMC guy) swore to me that the Bridgestone tires were the problem, and that I should replace them with Michelins. But if I did that, I would be sending the nice new tires along with the truck when the lease was up. We'll see. Not all of these problems are on trucks with 22" wheels and Bridgestones.... But mine seems OK for the moment.
  8. I have to confess that I seem to have solved my issue as well. I have the 22" wheels and Bridgestone tires. After 4 balancings at the Chevy dealer, I went across the street to a GMC dealer that I had prior experience with. He took me in back and showed me a huge pile of these tires that they had taken off other trucks, and told me that the tires were garbage. Then he road-force balanced mine, and told me that 2 were barely in spec, and 2 were so far out they couldn't be balanced. So I paid for 2 new tires, which did not fix the problem, but it was better. After a couple of months, though, it was just as bad. I think these tires just fall apart internally. So I bought a brand new set of 20" wheels, a take-off from a Yukon Denali, with Conti tires, and installed them. And the shaking is gone. Between the multiple trips to the dealer for balancing, the replacement tires, and the new tire and wheel set, I have spent at least $2500 trying to fix this. GM has not really provided any help beyond paying for one of the balancing sessions. This has been incredibly disappointing, but at least it is over. Maybe....
  9. I've run my truck unloaded, loaded with up to 1000 pounds or so, and towing an 8000 pound trailer. ALWAYS shakes. No matter what.
  10. I just got mine back from the 4th balancing. Took to a different dealership (GMC) and to a service advisor I've known for a decade, and swears he is telling me the truth. They replaced one tire, and balanced the rest. He says that one of my wheels was NOT bent as the Chevy dealer had told me, and that I did not need 2 tires as they had told me. It is a lot better, but I am still feeling the rear end shake periodically as it did before, but the constant drumming is better. I am sure that there is some harmonic thing going on with the driveshaft or the frame. I'm going to put the miles on as quickly as I can, and turn it in before the lease is over. My last GM product.
  11. The vibration issue is real, and serious. That's why there are 765 pages in this thread. Reading the forums is EXACTLY what every prospective buyer should do - I sure wish I had before I bought my 2nd shaking truck. My truck is currently at the dealer for the 4th attempt to fix this. Different dealer who feels that the problem is primarily with the 22" Bridgestone tires. Waiting to hear what they think I should do.
  12. Does anybody have any thoughts on whether the 2500s or 3500s have these vibration issues? I have a 2012 2500 Savana that is as smooth as silk. I'm thinking about abandoning the silverado, just paying off the rest of the lease, and picking up a different truck. Thoughts?
  13. Why are you spending so much of your own money fixing problems that were built into your truck?
  14. I've had 2 of these trucks, 2014 and 2016. They both shook and Chevy refused to do anything beyond putting on more tires at my expense. I would not recommend them to you. The 18s are the same as the 17s.
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