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  1. I have AMP steps on my 14 Sierra Crew Cab with bilsteins to level it...I think it's the best of both worlds. Only problem was when I didn't tell my wife about them and she opened the door and it dropped down and hit her in the shin!
  2. Hmm...not sure, but I don't think so because it seemed to happen as I was accelerating from stop or at low speed and speeding up. I can't say for certain so I'll try and check the next time it happens. Can you explain what you mean? I find it strange that the sound doesn't happen all the time if it is a normal sound, no? I don't know what's causing it, but it did not sound "normal" to me.
  3. Hi All, been reading all of the great posts on this forum. I have a 1500 Sierra SLT All Terain with 2,000 miles...unfortunately my first post is to ask about a sound I've heard on two different occassions from my truck. Strangely outside of these two recent occurances, it hasn't happened again so I'm not sure if this is a problem that is lurking to resurface later or something else. The first time it happened was around noon on Monday of this past week. I had driven the truck 10 minutes to work with no issues. I left it parked outside until lunchtime, and then while driving it from the parking lot, I noticed what sounded like a softball or something rolling/bouncing around in the back of the truck when I accelerated. It actually reminded me of a rattle my dad's old 72 chevy had that was caused by a gas cap he cut off and part of it fell into the tank causing a rattle noise when he would make turns and the cap would move around the tank. Incidently, my gas tank level was very low that day, no idea if there is any correlation there, but wanted to offer as much info as possible. The second time it happened was now after the tank was very full (again no idea of the correlation), but still would get this strange rattle coming from the back of the truck when I would accelerate. Unfortunately or fortunately, outside of those two instances, it hasn't happened again this week. I don't want to take the truck in to be looked at until it was something that I could reliably point out, but obviously don't want this problem hanging over my head for the next two years either. Any thoughts on what it might be? I would guess somethign with the drivetrain, but it's strange that it didn't happen the rest of the week. I'm out in CA so temperatures have been warm, no extreme cold issues that I know others have faced with their trucks. Thanks for any ideas/suggestions.
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