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  1. I found some threads on completely disabling the Ultrasonic Rear Park Assist by removing a fuse then unhooking the battery for about 5 minutes to re learn the computer. I couldn't find anything about making it default to off. I don't want to completely disable it but I would like to have to turn it on to use it. It gets really annoying hooking on to things around the farm and pulling trailers when I get the damn beeping and the stupid message on the DIC. I want it available for certain parking situations but don't want it to be on by default. Anybody have any ideas? 2014 2500
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  3. That is exactly what I need! I can't believe I missed that, Ive looked at the Trail Seal page but never noticed that. Thanks a bunch.
  4. Had them installed by a guy that does classic car restorations and spray in bedliners. Distinctive Revival http://distinctiverevival.com/index2.php#!/HOME He is super fussy so I knew they would be perfect. We found the dimensions to use on gmupfitter.com, the RECON instructions gave close measurements follwed by the letters IIRC. I am not going to drill any holes in a brand new pickup based on the phrase "If I Recall Correctly"!! He found the wire in the existing cab harness to tap into above overhead console. This pickup also has the snowplow prep package so it has a rocker switch on th
  5. I would like to seal the box of my 2014 2500HD to keep the dust out when driving down gravel roads with the tonneau cover closed. I couldnt find any topics on covering the openings under the box rails around the stake pockets. Does anyone make or has anyone invented their own covers to seal up these holes? My body man/guy who sprayed bedliner said he couldnt find anything and short of welding in patches and blending them in he didnt know what to try. I realize I will also need a tailgate seal and plugs for the drain holes in the front of the bed but these big holes have me stumped.
  6. Hi, Have been a member for a month or so. Had time to start posting. Putting some additions on my new 2014 2500HD. Just put in the Du-Ha underseat storage last night. Have a pic of before and after the RECON cab lights. All additions so far; Smoked RECON cab lights (2500s need cab lights, why do dealers order them without?) GM 6" oval side steps WeatherTech floorliners WeatherTech no drill mudflaps custom spray in bedliner (to the rail) Access Lorado bed cover Du-Ha underseat storage B&W turnover gooseneck hitch is on order want to add Putco Lockers on the rails and
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