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  1. Chevy Trucks were always handsome, never sexy, they were not attractive starting in 2015, now they are just plain ugly
  2. The Full Size Blazer was from 1969 - 1994, in 1995 the name changed to Tahoe The Small S-10 Blazer was made from 1982-2005 The Mid sized TRAIL BLAZER became it's own model in 2002 and survived until 2009. (This by far was the best of the smaller blazers. The re-badged Holden Colorado 7 (not to be confused with the Colorado Truck) was sold in Brazil as a Chevrolet (Holden) Trail Blazer from 2012-?. To confuse matters more there is talk of bringing back the "TrailBlazer" name... which would be smaller yet to be between the Trax and Equinox. (makes no sense to me honestly)
  3. As interesting as this sounds, There are several issues with EVs that people are running into.. For example, when it gets extremely cold, EVs have a shorter range, Just like when it gets cold and that new battery in your car struggles to crank your engine... Same principle. Another issues I see with an EV truck is limited range, especially when you are going to use a trailer. I think a better solution might be like the Chevy Volt, where it runs kind of like a locomotive, have a small gasoline engine that runs and charges batteries. They really should have started with a small SUV instead of a car for the Volt Project...
  4. It might be as simple as waiting for a part to arrive. I do know they will pull cars off the line and set them aside until the part comes in and the car (truck in this instance) can be finished... John
  5. That is true, we would look like Russia and their one bland design.
  6. the 2019 has got to be the most ugly truck on the planet right now... GM used to be the cutting edge of attractive, any more they just seem to have an internal competition between designers to see how homely they can possibly make a vehicle and still sell them... Remember the Aztec? the 2019 is worse than that.
  7. I think your quite mistaken in your Ford prices. You can find new 2018 Mustang GT for around $30-35K all day long, even seen a few below $30K with the V8, but they are the base GT model. Granted, if you wanted the Performance pack 2, with Leather and all the goodies, you are getting to the $50K mark on the sticker. Bang for the buck the Mustang is a better deal, but the Camaro is a better car, if you can stand the awful seats and the view out of the camaro. The thing about the $50K next to the bottom Pickup is they are giving huge huge discounts on those, I just had a friend pick up a F150 XLT which stickered for $52K for $38K new off the lot. It is a pricing game with Ford, they over inflate their sticker price and give you a huge discount to let you think you are getting a deal. My friend has buyers remorse, wishes he got the GMC with Leather for about $4K more, even with the Chevy/GMC "frame shake" people are complaining about.
  8. Is it just a short Traverse? Not my cup of tea, I wish it was based on the light truck, not some FWD thing. Not a Blazer. I will keep my Rainier V8 with 210,000 miles.
  9. I like the base front end better than the SS... The SS looks like it got inspiration from a Trogan helmet. I like the tail lights a little bit more than the current car tho.
  10. Not as ugly as the new Chevy... not loving it tho... would rather a 2013 honestly.
  11. Looks great! from the back doors rearward. The front of it looks like someone had a nightmare and threw it on a pickup.
  12. 1) Remove the back seats 2) make a wooden platform then cover the platform with carpet. Good weekend job.
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