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  1. Is it just a short Traverse? Not my cup of tea, I wish it was based on the light truck, not some FWD thing. Not a Blazer. I will keep my Rainier V8 with 210,000 miles.
  2. I like the base front end better than the SS... The SS looks like it got inspiration from a Trogan helmet. I like the tail lights a little bit more than the current car tho.
  3. Not as ugly as the new Chevy... not loving it tho... would rather a 2013 honestly.
  4. Looks great! from the back doors rearward. The front of it looks like someone had a nightmare and threw it on a pickup.
  5. 1) Remove the back seats 2) make a wooden platform then cover the platform with carpet. Good weekend job.
  6. GM has to do something about their seats, they are awful to sit in.... My 07 is passable, but the previous generations up to 2006 were awesome seats, very comfortable. I will not buy a newer car that has uncomfortable seats because if I go on a trip I do not want the added fatigue. I literally purchased a Roush Mustang GT over a ZL1 Camaro because the ZL1 was so bad... It literally came down to the seats.
  7. Apparently Elon Musk is in the works for creating a fast charge battery that would recharge to 95% in 5 min or less. So the charge time may be less of a factor. However the problem still remains the range of most EVs is lower than gas between charges
  8. Top Truck Colors - What's Your Guess?

    Interestingly Black & White are not technically "colors." White is reflection of All color, Black is a reflection of no color. Therefore the most popular "Color" is Gray/Silver"
  9. A few things. As of late, I have actually been migrating away from GM as I feel the "On Star" may actually be a little too much like Big Brother in 1984. I think it is a handy tool, and just like cell phones they have the ability to tell when you are speeding, all it would take is another abusive and intrusive administration who likes to regulate and control, and we could all be given speeding tickets by our cell phone (scary stuff here) As for the internal combustion engine... I would think that the ICE would have a good 25 to 50 years left in them before we completely move away from fossil fuels. For starters gasoline and diesel are not only used in cars, it is also used in Tractors, airplanes and boats. As of yet there is no feasible way to make a production electric aircraft, weight being the main problem with electric power, and I am not aware of any boats, nor farm tractors that use electricity either, so fossil fuels are in our foreseeable future. Gasoline will in fact become less expensive as demand drops from more electric cars and trucks, but the government will find new ways to tax those vehicles to get the "road taxes." The Autonomous vehicle may have special lanes or special routes they can utilize, but to ban them from metropolitan areas will be a pipe dream of Bobby Lutz if he thinks that everyone will just turn over their keys to their old car and drop $30-$100K on a new car, when the masses can only afford a $2000 car as it is. Things will become less expensive, and the tech will become better, but it is not going to be in 5 years. Predictions are funny, I was told we were to actually run out of oil in 1950... it never came to pass, Eventually everyone might have access to an autonomous vehicle to some degree but it will take at least 20 years AFTER the last non-autonomous vehicle is sold. Just like fossil fuels, it will be at least a decade before they stop selling gasoline after the last gasoline car is sold. It took almost 20 years to completely get rid of the availability of leaded fuel after it was removed from new cars in 1974.
  10. I have sat in the Lincoln, and I have sat in Cadillacs, and several other GM cars. GM cars are uncomfortable, ungodly uncomfortable. I bought a Mustang instead of a Camaro because I could not stand the Camaro seats, and visibility. The Camaro was awful! Although I have been a long time GM owner, and never owned anything but GM, I would rather buy a Lincoln for this reason only.
  11. Want to start a civil war? Forget about guns, take away my car and you take away my freedom! I enjoy driving my car, and I do not want an autonomous thing to do it for me.
  12. Honestly they look more like a FORD than a GM product.
  13. It looks like shorter windows, and taller bed, or maybe just a shorter cab. The visibility is already bad on the current generation, now it is going to be worse? WTF!!! It looks great, but function has to be there in the midst of it all. Interestingly those are two different trucks, with and without cladding, they are not the same truck. If this is a GM product I think this might be the first with the 3 piece rear window.
  14. Canadian GM Strike Over - Guess Who Won?

    The sad thing is with a 1 month strike any increases in pay will take them 10 years to recoup lost wages for the time they were on strike. Whoo Hoo! Who won? GM won, no matter what they tall you. John

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