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  1. Hows it holding up? I wanted the fold a cover G4 as well but apparently they are never going to reopen...must getting a heck of a government payday because they are in no hurry. I went ahead with the REV because GM accessories is offering 20% off right...got it with tax and installed for $925
  2. Apparently it wasn't leaking, I got the error message and checked the stick which didn't have any oil on it. Now I am hearing that if its hot and low on oil that it may not show on the stick? I should have just added 2 qts instead of 5.
  3. That is the message I got Yeah I panicked, I should have just put in two quarts and rechecked it. What I don't understand is with too much oil it, shouldn't the gauge have read high? And yes I will do a better job of checking the oil...I'm wondering if it wasn't low after my last oil change.. So would the oil pressure sensor be the main culprit for giving me a bad reading?
  4. I just took the vehicle and had them change out the oil and filter so I guess we will see if the message comes back saying low pressure.
  5. #1) I got the message that stop engine, low oil pressure. gauge is reading 0. #2) I pulled over, pulled out stick in which it did have some oil on it, cleaned it, put it back in and got nothing on the rewipe. In hindsight, I should have checked it again but its 6:30 in morning, Im late for work, its rush hour, its dark, I am in the ghetto at a station that is very shady. #3) With the two clues in mind, I thought the engine was about to burn up due to no oil... I did not check the oil after I filled it, I drove the 15 miles to work...I just went and checked it and it indeed is high so I don't know what happened...if its even possible to not get any oil if its just low and hot...I am going at lunch to get the oil changed....but still leaves with what caused the problem in the first place.
  6. Got this warning on my 08 suburban with 85K on it this morning. I was about 20 miles into my commute so managed to weave myself out of traffic and into a gas station. I checked the oil stick..wiped it clean after pulling it out and after taking it back out it was pretty much dry, not much to wipe off at all....so I went and bought 5 qts of oil and put it in....now thinking about it I shouldn't have put in that much but my thought was if it was on empty and it usually takes 5 that it would be enough to get me to work. I was a hr late to work so did not check it again but I will here at lunch...I plan on taking it to get the oil changed today but wondering if I should just take it to the dealer now? I am reading it may be the oil sending unit, oil pressure sensor or some screen clogged? I do have a extended warranty so that's why I was going to take it to the dealer. Thoughts?
  7. It's a 08 avalanche...I took wheel off and it looks like it's hitting in top of the rotor.. I pushed in clip and thought that did it but it's making it worse now...ugh
  8. I replaces all four of my pads with ceramic quality pads...no noise for first week but now I'm hearing a grinding noise and it appears one of the clips is hitting top of the rotor...I checked it and everything looks like it's mounted right..the noise is driving me nuts...
  9. I've been told there is some type of junction box around the spare tire area where all the harnesses that run the taillight and license plate light etc..I have a short somewhere as well...I just can't find this junction box..all fuses are good
  10. Ok thanks...am I correct on the hose that I left disconnected is just a vent and is not needed?
  11. How many miles does it take to cycle through the codes?
  12. Well hope this is right Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  13. This is where I'm at right now..moved spare, pulled cannister off tabs, unplugged electrical but unsure what to cut and what I need heater hose for? Forgot to add I bought 214-2149 to use on my 2008 suburban so sounds it only has one connection. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  14. Ok I am confused on which hose to cut and zip tie up? The one going up to the gas filler area or the one running back towards the engine?
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