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  1. Same here... Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  2. I was not indicating I agree with him, but it is a different mentality. Also, I thought it helped highlight the danger of assuming you can also use your safe for storing ammo with your guns. The OP indicated there was a lack of funds for a nice safe and the intent to just store ammo in whatever was purchased down the road (fireproof safes don't stop the baking effect that can occur in a fire). I personally have a middle of the road gun safe and did some extra work to overcome all of the weaknesses that concerned me. I also store more than guns in mine (not ammo) and that was a consideration for me when choosing my safe size. Sent from my REMIX SK1WG using Tapatalk
  3. Something to consider when thinking about investing in a lower end safe. Sent from my REMIX SK1WG using Tapatalk
  4. Not for the 8spd. I was showing my kids all the fluids they should check while we were changing the oil and said, "... and the transmission... Uh, where'd it go!" Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  5. Did my first oil change at about 800 miles using Mobile 1 EP. The following Thursday I installed my catch can with about 950 miles. It's a week later with about 1200 miles and the contents had a fuel smell, but no smell outside of the emptied contents. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  6. I actual don't have the mod. However, I was thinking it would be good one to do while my truck is new if there really is a build up of junk. Thus, the prompting for the video. I'm planning on looking at mine this weekend, but I hope there isn't anything with only 1200 miles. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  7. The thread I linked to gives a few reasons, but I'm just waiting for you to get on board and publish a video! BTW, I have the same CC kit as TheArizonaPatriot and I'm still wondering if there is really any benefit to adding the second exit. I still have the stock air intake and have the clean side separator, which is advertised for those WOT events. Thoughts? Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  8. I guess I would have figured that out if I had just read down the thread a little further! Sent from my Nexus 10 using Tapatalk
  9. For the coolant filter, did you use this how to? http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/index.php?/topic/185351-How-To:-Adding-A-Coolant-Filter-K2. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  10. This is not technically a tool box, but the following works for my tools and gear. I have the under seat storage box, which I like a lot. I also have what I think is an easily accessed, modular, removable and cheap system for the bed. Well, that's if you already have a secure cover. I can also have full bed access for hauling stuff in less than 5 minutes with a helper. Takes a little longer doing it myself. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  11. Reading the article and it doesn't seem to indicate parameters of the test. I'm looking for details on seat position and hoping I can take some comfort in having my seat moved all the way back...I'm really just grasping here. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  12. When I started my test drive the truck had 20 miles. At delivery my 2016 had 33 miles and 6.5 hours. It does not show idle time. Now, I have 458 miles and 17.1 hours.
  13. I always thought the plastic was made to split open, under the handle where there's smooth plastic and the crease in the middle, during an air bag deployment. Sent from my Nexus 10 using Tapatalk
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