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  1. I used a service called the http://www.bumperman.com/ .
  2. You have to be careful as well with wind noise. I had an aftermarket antenna before and at higher speeds you could hear the wind from it. The spiral wire wrap around the factory ones is to cut the wind noise out. Another thing I didn't like is some of the aftermarket ones weren't rigid enough and would bend in the wind as well. I don't like that either. Hard to find the perfect aftermarket antenna. Not to mention if you go real small in length, the reception might be weak, especally those of us with HD Radio.
  3. I took some pictures of the actual items:
  4. The one's I purchased were the 7615401A which were the plug-in play version. I also purchased the pass through cable (7640401A). I believe the other one mentioned is not the plug-in play version, you would need to tap into the door trigger.
  5. Does anyone have the part number for the 2015 chevrolet silverado 1500 z71 door sills (they have the red Z71)
  6. I nailed a huge boulder and scuffed the lower air dam, tow hook surround & license plate delete cover. I bought the tow hook surround from the dealer to replace it. One I got into the job, you have to remove the bumper to replace it. I just returned the part to the dealer. I guess I will just live with the scuff.
  7. I love mine...this is the second set I have owned, I had them on my previous truck as well. $1400.- installed doesn't sound like a bad price.
  8. wonder if the GMC guys can do this MOD?
  9. Yes it just pops off...once you have it off, you then could actually remove those panels (i.e. wood/silver) for the vinyl to be easily installed. GM should of just sold the panels for the center as well, not the whole top portion of the center console.
  10. from this for sale/wanted forum ; Autoguy who has commented in this post had them for sale. I didn't like the wood either, just doesn't belong/fit the truck.
  11. Yes...I replaced the wood for silver, which isn't a complete match in color. The silver I replaced it with has a shine (clear coat) The other silver in the truck is flat (brushed look) steering wheel,cup holder, radio bezel etc. It was extremely easy to swap. I was worried I was going to have to remove door panels.
  12. Do they offer a set for the rear doors (crew cab) or is just for the front doors?
  13. **THIS IS NOT THE WHOLE CENTER CONSOLE** I have a like new 2014/15 wood grain (crew) cab center console(top portion) with removable cup holder usb ports,110 plug etc. & the 4 door accents. $120.- shipped U.S.
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