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  1. It is a double cab, assembled in ft wayne. GM has offered to fix the defective areas only. Put yourself in my shoes. Factory paint is supposed to be better than any dealer finish. I paid for a factory finish and now I will have blended door panels and deal with possible dealer quality issues as well. One of the first questions someone asks when buying a used vehicle is if any paint or body work been done. I would have a hard time lying and I am sure the dealer paint finish will not look exactly the same as the rest of the factory paint on the truck. With problems at 5000 miles I am sure there will be more areas to become defective, probably past the 3years, 36000 mile warranty. Gm is aware of the issue with early build trucks at ft Wayne. They did not even offer to extend the factory warranty for the period of my ownership. I have not saw any other personal complaints about 2015 Sierra 2500 Duramax paint issues and feel like I am the only one getting screwed. I love everything else about the truck and I guess it is just my luck that this has happened to me.
  2. I bought a new 2015 Sierra 2500 Duramax in April and it now has about 5000 miles on it. The paint has began to peel in three different locations all on the doors. GM is willing to fix the issue under warranty at no cost to me. I have gone in circles with the dealer and GM customer service about doing more for me, which has not got me any further. I am having a difficult time buying a $50k truck and the paint start to peel within 5000 miles and getting a band aid paint job from a dealer. Has anyone else experienced this crap factory paint? How did GM take care of you (or lack of)?
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