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  1. im bringing it in to my mechanic who has the ability to reprogram it, hoping thats all it is
  2. passernger window wont go down, went to replace actuator and the same issue was with the new one. before i got a new switch the dome light stayed on all the time, passenger power mirror, blinker, door lock went dead. replaced switch all those things were corrected but window still wouldnt go down. all wires etc. were checked. does the switch need to be reprogrammed? or is there something else. thanks 2003 sierra
  3. so i have a 2003 sierra and the signal and defrost went out of the passenger mirror, so i bought a new glass and the signal didnt work, so i returned the mirror and got to looking into a whole new mirror. i looked at my build sheet and it says i have power folding mirrors, which i didnt know ! i bought the truck used. once i recognized this i tried to fold them in and it didnt work. the production code in the glove box says i have DL3 mirrors. so after all this i just want to know if i have power folding mirrors and maybe there broken? any thoughts or advice and maybe the best place to get new mirrors or mirror thanks
  4. 2003 sierra slt half ton 4x4 day light running lamp is burnt out, socket is damaged beyond. looking to replace lights with L.E.D.S and socket. looking for advice on where to buy, sizes and costs. various websites to buy leds, or stores, not a big electrical guy so looking for specifics. also sockets/wiring harass where to buy is there a better place or brand etc. look for advice thanks
  5. so is synthetic oil have advantage if ill be adding some every 3000 to 5000, is conventional oil just as good and just change it more often? my concern was the oil hadnt been changed when i got it for 4000 miles or so, and the level was fine. do either of you use conventional or synthetic oil? thanks
  6. 2003 gmc 1500 slt, v8 5.3 bought with 77000 miles on it, the previous owner i knew. he changed oil on time with conventional oil. it was due when i got it, so i just went to synthetic as i thought it was better, few changes etc. i do it myself so not to bad on $$$. i have 6000 on the first oil change that i did and the check oil level warning came on it was a quart and a half low!!! ive topped it off now but, what could this be? no obvious leakage , low miles, what can i check for to lead me in the right direction. should i go back to conventional oil? do i need an additive , is this common. its my first truck, but i drive similar at work all the time, our v10's eat oil like crazy. just bummed out that this could be something major??!!
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