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  1. The painted bumpers are steel, I believe Boron. Mine rusted under the paint.
  2. See pic of painted bumper on 2014 all terrain, never again. That bumper was repainted by dealer after first year, and looked like this when I traded it in on my 2018 with chrome bumper.
  3. Gas pedal clicking

    I have felt this in loaner trucks, very noticeable condition. Let us know what dealer says.
  4. Update, transfer case did not correct the humming issue.
  5. wmgeorge64 keep me informed how your repair on the rearend goes. I have read many posts whereas the rearend could cause a noise to travel through the hollow driveshaft and sound like it is coming upfront. My dealer is replacing the transfer case Monday, I'll find out by Tuesday if that corrects the issue. It's a damn shame that GM couldn't send a TAC rep to the dealer to help pinpoint the issue, instead they will have thousands in charges to try replacing different items. Hell, I'm within 30 miles from there Tech Center and Headquarters, they really need to step up their actions.
  6. Trying to get GM technical service to help the dealer, maybe a GM rep can pop up here.
  7. Yes, brand new, tires were replaced if they were unable to road force balance them within spec.
  8. I was thinking that as well, removed window shields and tonneau, still noise. It was windy here last week, no change to noise going with or against strong winds. I do feel slight vibration on the floorboard when the noise is there. Dealer is trying to find the source as well.
  9. I have a 2018 Sierra for less than a week, took it into dealer for humming noise at 70-80 mph. Doesn't matter if on throttle or off, in gear or Neutral, noise still persists between 70-80 mph. Sounds like road noise, but tires and wheels were road force balanced and replaced, it's not the wheel bearings. Dealer not able to pinpoint the issue due to wind noise to strong at that speed for the chassis ears. Does not duplicate the issue on hoist. Does anyone have any ideas?
  10. Update- possibly Vosla bulb burn out on passenger side headlamp, looked underneath and seen the fog lamp wiring plug hanging, plugged it in and fog is working. Didn't take the time to pull out air filter box to look at headlamp yet.
  11. 2014 Sierra SLT - Front RH (passenger) headlight and fog light out on RH side only. Tail lights and LH front lights work. Anybody had this issue where both the headlamp and fog light went out on one side?
  12. Google theseatshop they have videos of replacement method. It doesn't look to hard.
  13. No update for me, service stated they have to request bulbs from GM. Open ticket, hopefully to be completed next week.
  14. Thanks to all who helped secure this information, my truck is in today for an oil change and headlight PIT update. Hopefully, next will be a trans shifting update!!

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