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  1. I just went through this with my truck. Best way to measure is use a fixed spot on the rim that can be accomplished on the front and the back. I ran a tape from inside rim lip under truck and through the rim to the exact same inside rim lip on opposite side. If that makes sense? Or a simpler option is run a straight edge like a level on the outside of both front tires and measure from outside of levels edge then repeat on the back. Defiantly a 2 man job. Hope this helps.
  2. Anybody running 33'x11 or 11.5 on a 18x9 rim with zero offset ? I have an 05 GMC with a 4'' RCX and am running a 325/60/R18'' which is a 33' by 13.8'' wide and I know it sticks out like mad. But am wondering what is the best tire set up for this rim to have a normal amount of poke. Let me see what your running tire/rim offset combo. Thanks for any help in advance.
  3. You need to check out http://www.ddmtuning.com/Product-Categories/HID-Kits-and-Components as I've used them on my Toyota, Acura and just ordered for my GMC 1500. Best price and great warranty. Just research what you want to accomplish before you order. LED lights are as bright as HID's but don't project the distance that is required of a head light. Just my 2 cents. Good luck I hope this has helped.
  4. E TOWN here with a classic 05 gmc. Farley's truck Outfitters is a great connection.
  5. Hay man thanks for your shitty ass thoughts on my truck. I see that all 3 of your posts are bashing short boxes and everybody else's threads. To bad for you your still riding your dads quad and you are probably driving a sunfire dreaming of bigger better things. No real posts or opinions on anything creative or productive so really just a keyboard warrior. But hey man when you get a real truck and want to learn things and ask actual thoughtful people for advice on forums like this where people usually help out one another. I'm sure you can always redeem yourself. Till then thanks for playing a
  6. Yo. Been Lurking for a while but figured it is time. New guy on this Forum from Edmonton Alberta Canada. Just aquired myself an 05 GMC 1500 SLT. Added a 4'' Rough Country lift and some XD Diesel rims with some Pro Comp Extreme AT tires. Need to learn about the good and the bad on these units. Future mods will be HID High, Low and Fogs. Nicer tail lights. Step bars, Box Cover and some interior LEDs. First full size and I am loving the room. On to the Pics.
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