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  1. I have the light grey trim pieces so I'm not really sure what to do. Maybe I could get them vinyl wrapped or something since I would prefer to not get light grey leather.
  2. I am upgrading from my grey cloth to black katzkin leather within the next couple of months but right now I have the light grey plastic seat backs for the driver and passenger seats. Does anyone know the part number for these so I can buy black ones to match the leather?
  3. Not right now but I can get one when I get off work.
  4. I have 4 of the textured black door handles to fit all 14+ models all in great condition. They are just sitting around so if you need them send me an offer!
  5. I have the 4.2 inch head unit and I am looking to buy the 8 inch factory unit. Let me know if you have one and we can talk!
  6. Does anyone know the specifics of going from a jump seat to a center console? I have no clue what something like this would cost and how much work it would be, just trying to get an idea.
  7. Here is another picture. Also, I'm located in Omaha, NE and will ship.
  8. I have the GM door handle spring retainer that the dealerships use to switch out door handles for 2014/15 Silverados. I know you can do it with a piece of string usually, but that's what I originally tried and something broke off inside my door and I had to go pay $160 to have the dealership remove my door panel and fix the components inside my door. That being said, I am selling the part BO-51363 to help switch out the door handles. After I bought this, it took me less than ten minutes to change all four door handles. I bought for $36 + $15 shipping, so make me an offer.
  9. dbcooper: do you have heated or cooled seats? I wonder how much it costs to add each of those on eventually.
  10. Awesome, that was the other main question that I had. I definitely want it to be pretty close to perfect if they cost that much money!
  11. That looks really sharp. Thanks for the pictures! What color is your stitching? I want to do silver/platinum stitching and it looks like that what you have.
  12. Awesome, thank you. I am getting black leather with perforated black inserts for 820, so I was hoping I could pay 300-350 max for the install.
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