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  1. My silverado with 33547 is burning a lot of oil 1 quarts every 100 miles this issue started at 33000 miles, i change the oil every 5000 miles and i use mobil 1 synthetic. take the truck to service and they started a oil consumption test and the service department request that i bring the truck back in 2000 miles and to only use mobil,Exxon or shell gas and to make a log of how many gallons i put and the tmilage on the truck at the time , i question service representative on what the gas brand have to do with my engine burning oi, he have no clue ,
  2. gm sucks my truck been to the dealer 3 times for poor fm reception on my 2014 silverado crew cab 4x4 ltz and they cant not fix the issue gm engineers tell the service department radio is working fine i was ready to go after market but gm tell me if i replace the radio my warranty is void and they don't have a solution ,well Monday i going to sue gm on small claims court i will never again buy any gm product worst truck ever
  3. yes my truck have the code i04 on the glove compartment sticker cant I replace the screen
  4. my Silverado 2014 lt have 4.2 screen with back up camera from factory cant I replace the 4.2 with the 8 inches screen and is this installation be plug and play thanks for any info
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