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  1. MSRP on my 2014 Silverado at 10/14 as 46965. I spent about 6 hours total at dealership and walked out paying 36000. I feel pretty good with that based on some of the other posts ive seen here.........They did try to get be with the high interest from Ally (5.34 %) and said " most people usually wait at least a year to refinance." I waited two weeks and cut the rate by more that half at my back haha
  2. Hey Everyone, Ive looked at the forum for a while now, but ive finally decide to make a username. Ive got a 2014 Silverado Z71. Ive installed a 2'' rough country leveling kit and husky liners so far. I have a question regarding aftermarket exhaust. I want to add an muffler that gives a little more sound when on the gas. I have a chrome tip and would like to keep the factory pipe. Has anyone installed just a muffler?. I know there is a second muffler thingy right before the outlet and don't know what to do. I have welding capabilities but cant bend pipe, so I would just like to replace exhaust. Thanks! Mitch in SC
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