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  1. All you would have to do is run a wire to each mirror harness from under the dash (drivers side). Shouldn't be too difficult. mirrors are still available.
  2. I upgraded to the tow mirrors and I am selling my DL3 mirrors off of my 2014 Silverado LTZ. These are in great shape and have all options (power fold, puddle lights, turn signals, auto dimming, chrome cap, ect...) I will let these go for $350.00 plus shipping. They are boxed up and ready to go when you are. Thanks for looking.
  3. Here is what I found after a little investigating. Seems to be coming from a broken body weld behind the dash. Will be making a trip to the dealership tomorrow!
  4. I would like to know how this is holding up as well. Mine is currently at the dealer with the same issue. They cant seem to find the "leak"
  5. I installed this kit about 2 months ago and no complaints so far. Ride doesn't seem to suffer much. It is a little stiffer when off road but when daily driving, I couldn't tell a difference. The angles aren't terrible either. I would like to see them a little flatter, especially the tie rods but only time will tell if this will cause a problem. The stance is exactly what I was looking for. I'm running 305/55r20s at +20 and I have room to go a little larger if I want. My only complaint is that you have to remove the factory skid plate to install the tiny excuse of skid plate that RC provides for the diff. All in all, not a bad kit.
  6. WeatherTech is the way to go. I have had them on two trucks now with no issues. Install can be a pain on the rear windows but once they are in, you don't have to worry about them coming off. Their stone/bug guard on the other hand is not so great. Not a fan of anything that relies on 3M tape in high wind situations (WeatherTech didn't do this on previous models)
  7. I could meet you down in the panhandle one weekend. I'm down there off an on during the spring/summer.
  8. I realize I misspelled Bilstein in the topic. I before E...... not sure how to edit.
  9. I am selling my 3" Torsion key lift for a 2011-2015 Chevy/GMC 2500HD I purchased this lift to install on my truck but ended up selling the truck. This kit is brand new and has been in the box since I received it in December. Kit includes: - Torsion keys for lifting the front end along with shock spacers. - 2.5" blocks for lifting the rear along with new u-bolts and nuts. - Bilstein 5100 series shocks for the front and rear. - Cognito Idler and Pitman arm support bracket kit. ($ 248.00 value) This kit will allow for 35" tires to be run at stock wheel backspacing. I paid over 750.00 for this kit. My loss is your gain. Asking $550.00 plus some help with shipping if needed.
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