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  1. The more I read it kept sounding like it was ABS related so I started checking everything and low and behold, the ABS 60amp JFuse was blown. Everything back to normal now, but I'm stumped on what caused it to blow. I can not find any stretched or bare wires anywhere. I guess for now I will call it coincidence unless it blows again.
  2. No steering shaft extension needed since it's only a 1.5" kit. Truck drives fine but I am assuming I don't have antilock brakes, haven't had to test it yet...
  3. Checked the abs wires and they have tons of slack and no sign of stretching or coming unclipped. Rechecked all the ground wires and they are getting good clean contact with frame. Any ideas where to get a wiring diagram of that wiring harness that runs on the drivers side of the frame that shows what color wire goes to what? Should have had plenty of slack but no clue what else to look for. Thanks again
  4. Thanks! I'll have to check them again in the morning. They seemed to have plenty of slack. From what I've been reading it sounds like any time abs is acting up it will throw the service stabilitrak as well
  5. Wires on the frame look fine. Yes I did the Zone 1.5 inch body lift kit
  6. I may have put my foot in my mouth... The dealer did a half ass job at best re-coating my frame. I was told the body and cab were raised off frame during the undercoating. Well I did a body lift over the weekend and not only is the top of the frame covered in surface rust, basically anywhere that wasn't in direct eyesight from the side of the truck wasn't re-coated. Even the spots where the rack arms lifted the truck didn't get undercoated. I will be sanding down the areas need and undercoating myself. Was hoping for a little better job from the dealer, but was honestly lucky they did anything at all as it is out of warranty.
  7. Not on a 2014, I've done a 3" body lift on a 1998, and a 1.5" body lift on a 2007 nnbs
  8. Battery was unhooked during lift. Cleared codes this morning and they came right back as soon as I started the truck. I left the battery unhooked over night last night hoping that would help too but no luck
  9. So i just finished my body lift and now my truck is showing "service brake assist" and "service stabilitrak" on every start up. I have went around the wheel wells and frame looking for any wires/plugs that may have been pulled or damaged when lifting the body but cant find anything. Had codes pulled this morning and it is throwing: "U0101 Lost communication with Transmission Control Module (TCM)" and "U0140 Lost communication with Body Control Module DTC" Anybody know where specifically to look for what could have pulled too tight during body lift and caused this? Truck is a 2014 Silverado crew 4x4 5'8" bed Thanks in advance!
  10. The removed all the rust everywhere, removed the factory wax coating and undercoated everything.
  11. It was out of warranty, thats why I called so many dealers before I found one that would do it. I would definitely start calling dealers to see if you can get it repaired on their dime. Got mine back today and frame looks great now. Even though its just surface rust, its looks like crap and these trucks arent cheap and shouldnt be flawed from the factory. That said, if they wont fix it, it would be easy to do yourself just a messy job.
  12. My 2014 is at the dealer getting this repaired right now. There is a repair bulletin on this although I had to call 8 different dealers to get one to actually make the repair. TSB# 14002A or #pI0564H should be the correct bulletin to reference

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