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  1. I'm in the same situation upgraded from 2015 Chevy 1500 to 2500 HD AT4 GAS, loving it. The bed height is something I'm concern with as I would be a 1st time buyer. I was at the my local RC dealer the other week and noticed a last gen truck 2500 Crew GAS pulling Sandpiper C-Class and you can tell it was not level as he was pulling away. Are you still looking at getting 3500 HD, do you know what payload you might get with that? My Current truck maximum is at 3165 lb.
  2. Did any one have any problems with the H11 connectors for OPT7. I noticed that the polarity switcher cable was very lose when connecting to the factory harness, and there is enough play in the spacing where the locking clip is to become un-plugged during operation. I think I can fix it by using zip tie or some thing but wanted to know what you guys think. Thanks, Jonathan
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