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  1. I was able to order all the parts except GM said to use a different harness in my truck so I did. When I went to install it, I discovered that the harness didn’t have the USB connections with it. I’ve got a 2022 GMC Sierra 2500hd at4 Duramax (no rear heated seats). Which harness should I use…is it 84482759 or 84848126? I hate to buy another harness and find out that it won’t work.
  2. I have a 2022 AT4 and get intermittent Wi-Fi interference with an iPhone 12. No issues when plugged in with the cable, but Wi-Fi is hit and miss. More annoying is that it randomly starts to have static/popping sounds at while playing songs/Sirius XM over Wi-Fi. I get an occasional disconnection but the static and popping is really unacceptable. Is this a bad head unit or something that they can fix with an update? Hopefully gets fixed sooner than later. This expensive of a truck shouldn’t have issues like this. Mark
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