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  1. Get rid of the old mast style antenna. Makes it difficult when clearing snow or ice.
  2. Finally got around to purchasing mirrors and harnesses. First side took about 2 hours to install, second door an hour. Everything worked. Door panel removal and re-install was super easy after watching this video.
  3. Sonoma Red Paint Fans

    Just picked mine up today.
  4. No, I have not taken delivery yet and have not paid for it yet!!! Cannot find a better deal than what I am getting so have decided to take it anyways. In the long run probably better for resale.
  5. Deal is done. Wouldn't do nothing about the bumpers. They gave me a discount on a Bed Rug and a full tank of gas. Guess I'll just have to get used to it.
  6. Going to talk with the dealer Monday about the problem. Hopefully they order me new bumpers.
  7. I need the truck now. Camping season is here and have trips planned. Was thinking of telling them to order chrome and install plus something in the way of some more credit for my frustration.
  8. I ordered a 2015 Sierra All Terrain with the option of the chrome bumpers. Truck came in this week with the painted bumpers. What are my options?

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