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  1. Thanks for the response, but not what I was describing. Wish I had photos... When I pull my rear axle shaft, and then remove the rear axle bearing seal, and use a bearing puller to pull the bearing from inside the axle housing... out comes a cylindrical non-metallic piece with a retainer ring and a plastic "spacer." Yeah, go figure. NOT A SINGLE photo or video showing this. I found the part description: RING. Electro - Hydraulic Control. Electronic Brake Control.. RING,WHL SPD SEN RELUCTOR(R/AXLE)(ACDelco #12479286). RING,WHL SPD SEN RELUCTOR(8.625 R/GR)(R/AXLE)(ACDelco #12479286) Now, here is an e-bay ad with a picture... http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/371319390264?lpid=82&chn=ps I can not for the life of me find any descriptive words about replacing this part. There is an electrical sensor on the OUTSIDE of the axel housing right about where this part would 'ride' inside the axle housing. The three videos on youtube that show axle bearing replacement never mention this to the extent that one would know how it installs PROPERLY... Stopped dead in the water. Perhaps my local Chevy dealer could share some knowledge... HawkPaul
  2. Hi all, New poster here. I have a 2006 Chevy Suburban K1500 LT 5.3l flexfuel. I am rebuilding the rear axles, brakes, backing plate... Have it torn down to the axle housing openings and have pulled the seals and bearings. Something else came out... There is a splined cylinder in a metal ring with a plastic sort of spacer ring or something that came out when the bearing came out. I tracked it down, and it is perhaps an ABS wheel sensor reluctor? There are front ABS sensors that everyone knows about and talks about. NO ONE seems to have ANY video or photos of these things inside the rear axle housing. My concern is that I think the little plastic spacer ring is busted. I pulled out a few small black plastic pieces from both sides, and it seems very brittle. I actually found these replacement parts for sale for between $40 and $60 each (ouch!). I just need someone who has installed these parts to tell me how to do it? Do they just push into the axle housing and await insertion of the axle shaft? Is there any trick to it? Don't want to push bearings in before I have clarity! I would hate to finish my repairs only to find something isn't working with the ABS system due to these rear sensor reluctors. Anyone with pics or video links would be my very favorite member on this forum!!! Paul
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