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  1. The bearings in my idler pulley went bad on my LTZ Z71. It took 4 days to get a replacement. Truck has 5000 miles.
  2. I just got out of a loner RST 4x2 while my Z71 LTZ 4x4 with Rancho shocks was in the shop for a bad idler pulley.... The RST rode much better. My LTZ Z71 bounces over everything like a friggen pogo stick. Hate it. As soon as Bilstein's become available I'm ditching the Ranchos!
  3. My LTZ w/5.3 8-speed just started the whine noise 3 days ago... 4500 miles. Whines with the AC on or off, in gear or park. The pitch gets higher with RPM's.
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