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  1. the 5.3 is a little gutless in my opinion too. I have a 28ft car hauler all metal trailer that weighs probably 7k id guess and if i put my polaris ranger on it it always downshiftting all the time going up just the slightest hill or grade on the highway. pulling my 18'6 bass boat though I have no problem I can pull that sucker at whatever speed just fine and only downshift or lose speed big time going up hills which is common just wish these 5.3 had a little more power. 1) I installed road active suspension about $600 bucks on the back leaf springs! way better than air ride (air ride rides like tank if you aint hauling something) active suspension keeps your stock ride feeling and only "activates" when you get a heavy loaded trailer and it also improves the ride quality of the truck. Great investment truck dont squat at all hardly when I have my 28ft car hauler and polaris ranger on it now without it I was driving around with a 4in lift on the front 2) I got a custom tune from diablo lew tunes. This helped a lot of the downshifting and trucks shifts a lot smoother with and without pulling. 3) like most guys here have said you dont need a diesel for that load and a v6 raptor with a turbo for sure isnt any better than what you have now! 4) only thing I wish I would have done different with my truck is went with the 6L engine the 5.3l with 3.42 gears is pretty solid but there are times I wish I had just a touch more power when pulling some of my toys. If gmc made a 1500 with a diesel engine just like a midsize engine that would be the holy grail for me! I dont need the extra towing capacity or stregnth that a 2500, f250 have I just need a little more juice in the motor! ps It also dont help that I have 20x12 with 33 inch tires pulling all that i pull but it gets the job done!
  2. Hey guys the running lights (orange cargo lights) on the front of my towing mirror on the passenger side went out. Have had no luck googling or looking at part stores online for a replacement. The leds arent a change bulb type deal they are a sealed unit just with a two prong plug on the back of them but i can't seem to find a replacement unit for it. any ideas where to go? I dont even care if they are aftermarket although i couldnt find any of those for the GMC either, just so everyone knows what im talking about in case I didnt explain it enough its the orange light in the pic below
  3. Hey guys I have fiddled around with this for long enough, and cant figure out the problem. The illumination lights for the lock/unlock switches and the panel with 4wd,2wd, and headlight knobs dont glow. they all work but they wont illuminate. They try to come on for a second and then like a "buzz" noise happens and they turn off, they still function though. But some days they will work and some days will not work. Im just curious how to fix it. I cant really find the fuse that is for them the manual and fuse covers dont tell me specifically. I also looked at all the fuses and tested them and they all passed. any info would be nice thanks!
  4. was plug and play up to a point. I had to hardwire running lights, cargo lights, and the reverse led lights but yes power, heated, and turn signal all work. I just had to find the correct wires to tap into for the extra features towing mirrors have.
  5. nkd90

    2015 White Diamond

    custom truck
  6. Got my towing mirror installed and wired up! Way better than the stock little ones if you ask me! especially pulling my 28ft car hauler! PS install took me 3 hours, I figured it take me 30 minutes but its never that easy right!
  7. MBRP 3" Cat Back, Single Side Exit, AL its a little deeper on start up and idle than the stock exhaust (just a little, not much) and down the highway or high RPMs you cant hear it at all! Get the performance without the noise! double whammy!
  8. theres always that one guy on the forums. This was a apples to apples comparison, same route everyday to work 120 miles round trip. Highway and city mix. Before tune on this trip I got 14.1 -15.6 mpg. Same trip after the tune I got 19-22 I can post pictures of the cluster if you want! I Dont sell anything I was just telling him. Diablo lew tunes, arent a performance chip or a "one setting fits all" tune. Its a program you log data and send to him and he creates a specific tune for your truck using data collected by user. (knock retard, air fuel mix ration, shift timings anything and everything). He changes everything from A-Z to make the engine more efficient. With the correct add ons to your truck he can tune it even better. Lots of people have had similar results to me but most drive with a heavier foot since it has more power but drive it in normal use and you will get similar results. Im not telling the guy he can expect 22 mpg like me by any means as for the environment plays a role in that but if he lives in oklahoma I would bet $100 on it he would get the same mileage as me! Tires are toyo open country 33x12 http://diablewtune.com/ do your own research. here is one under testimonials i found MPG: Before:12.8mpg, now with tune:17.1mpg (wow!)... 0-60 2WD: Before: 8.2seconds (bone stock), now with tune: 7.8 flat... I also run a few dirt drags on a 200ft dirt strip... Best 0-60 in 4LOW has been 5.4seconds! Awesome job man!! – Codi W.
  9. If you get CAI mise well get a catback exhaust too! I got a quite catback I dont like loud exhaust. And i would recommend getting a tune. I used Diablo Lew tune and the truck drives better and has better power management. stock I got 14.1-15.1 mpg on 20 inch wheels and 33 inch tires. After the tune I get 19 on a windy day uphill and 22 on a nice day uphill. And pulling my trailer the truck does down shift and upshift a million times going up grades. It just pulls harder and its actually nice to pull my trailer now! Black bear is another guy who people say do a good job. I cant speak on his tunes as for I never had one by him but people say thats another good guy to use. But I am very pleased with my tune from Diablo Lew! Thats about the only other mod I would do especially since your doing a CIA unless you tune your truck and get a exhaust and tune it really just there for looks and not performance!
  10. wish gmc and silverado woulda kept the square look for fog lights! Absolutely hate the fog lights on the trucks now especially since you cant really upgrade to pods or such without some major fabricating! Bring back the squares and/or circles GM!!! Nice truck Jim!
  11. Thanks guys! I was just hoping someone would come along here and be able to say what color it is. Its damn sure not silver though lol. Its like a mix of silver and baby blueish maybe I was just hoping some color expert would pop by and say its "such and such"
  12. Been trying to figure out what color this truck is for a minute now. Cant seem to find any details but it sure is a very unique and sweet color.
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