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  1. Hello everyone, so my right turn signal decided to mysteriously quit working and I'm not sure what the cause is. The left blinker works fine but when I try to right signal it doesn't blink at all, the blinkers won't even illuminate. Also, when I put my hazards on, only the left side blinks as well, the front and rear blinkers on the passenger side will not come on under any circumstance. Could this be the flasher relay, or just a bad socket or wiring? Thanks.
  2. Alrighty sorry to be a pain, but where would the ground be located at? the installer just wired it to the factory harness so where is the factory stereo grounded at?
  3. Just the head unit, nothing else installed. The head unit itself has a built in amp though, could that conflict with the Bose factory amp? I'll check the ground though, everything I've read says that's what to check first.
  4. So I just had an aftermarket Pioneer Stereo installed, and everything looks and sounds great, except theres a constant static in the background when the stereo is on. It does not fluctuate with engine speed, but it does increase in volume as you turn up the volume on the stereo. I've been looking on google and think it could possibly be that it isn't grounded well, where is it the stereo grounded at so that I could check the connection? OR, could it be something else altogether?
  5. They go around to various cities around the US to do tuning events, you'd have to check their website for a schedule of events. Or you can just do the whole process by mail, they ship you the tool to scan your truck, you scan and send the data back to them, they make a tune based on that, and send you a new computer with the tune on it. Their website explains it better than I can http://www.blackbearperformance.com
  6. Just got back from an in-person tune with Justin at Black Bear, and all I have to say is that its 100% worth it. The truck drives so much nicer, it feels like a different truck altogether. Justin was super helpful and gave tons of tips and pointers as well. Overall, if you're considering a Blackbear tune, you should absolutely go for it, best money you could possibly spend on your truck.
  7. So I ended up buying off amazon because the deck was $60 cheaper than on Crutchfield... Still used Crutchfield for finding out what all I need and even choosing which actual stereo unit to buy, their site is really really helpful.
  8. Okay, thanks! Doesn't sound too bad.Crutchfield seems like the go to place for electronics.
  9. I'm looking to install a Kenwood single din stereo head unit in my 2006 Sierra, and I'm curious to know if its something that is easy to do yourself or if i should just take it in to a shop? Mainly just wondering if the wiring will be the same as stock and i can just plug and play, or if its not that simple. ALSO, I'm not too concerned about keeping the door chimes, steering wheel controls, and OnStar and all that stuff, so if having an easy install I can do myself means losing those features I'm still all for it, I'd just like to not spend $100+ for a shop to install it if possible.
  10. So I had sort of a weird idea, and I've seen some guys on youtube do it, so here's my plan: swap out the stock stereo deck for an iPad mini (obviously some modifications to the dash required there but that shouldn't be too bad) and then just install a high quality single din stereo somewhere else on the dash.. Ideally I'd like to put it where the 6 disc CD changer thing is if possible? just because it would be pretty convenient location and I don't think I've used a CD since i was 7 years old so I'm more than fine with taking the disc changer out haha. I'm assuming I would have to be a little creative mounting the deck there as well but i'm hoping it doesn't take anything major. Just wondering what you guys think and if there's anything I should be aware of moving forward? Basically just wondering how hard it would be to fit a single din stereo deck in the place of the disc changer?
  11. Okay, thanks a ton. I'll make some calls, thanks for your help.
  12. Wait so you're saying for my GMT-800 I would need to use a GMT-900 lift block kit? Or would it work if I just used a normal 99-06 GMT-800 body lift kit on mine and then got different bumper relocating brackets specific to Denali's separately?
  13. Gotcha, that makes sense. Thanks!
  14. I know this has sorta already been hit on, but is it possible to use a 1.5-2 inch body lift kit on an awd denali? I know its trickier to do a suspension lift on them because of the AWD, but I was thinking a body lift shouldn't have anything to do with that and should be all good? But then the various body lift kits I've browsed online made for a 2006 Sierra/silverado specifically say that they don't fit denali models? Confused because AWD shouldn't have any affect on a body lift...
  15. Question, what is the bulb number for the smaller bulb on the outside of the turn signal? The main signal bulb is 3157 I believe but I can't seem to find any info about the other smaller one and need to replace it.
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