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  1. Ok, so I have this problem now fixed. 1st I went to Auto Zone and they said my original battery was at 90%. I felt he had no idea what he was doing so I made an appt. with the dealership figuring it was low voltage issue somewhere in the wiring They said the battery was going bad and showed me how they checked it with their equipment. So I bought a new battery. So far everything is ok. I have all stock everything in my truck except for added on Hella fog lamps. I find it hard to believe a battery only lasts 4 years these days. The battery you have to put in is for this model only so that the positive side of the terminal and other posts snap onto the top of the battery. I had to loosen the reserve antifreeze bottle to get the battery out. BTW The battery was over $200.00 so be forewarned. I never spent that much ever on a car battery !
  2. I have the same problem with my 2014 Silverado. I still have the original battery. I'm thinking I will start with a trip to the auto parts store for a load test and see what goes from there.
  3. I would prefer through the roof mount but 1. Can't see drilling a hole through a new truck. 2. The sheet metal is so thin I'm afraid if you hit something too low on your whip you would tweak the metal and loose a water tight seal plus ruin your roof.
  4. I am the one that used to do all their wiring. Everything from lightbars,sirens two ways, generators, mag chargers and even shotgun locks. I have although never installed a 400 watt radio since we use repeaters. Nor have I worked with the new electronics system introduced in the 14 Silverado. I am kinda hoping a GM tech will jump in here and offer some pointers.
  5. So do you think 10g is enough or would you use 8g if it were you ? Can a power supply wire (12v) mess with rf ? I'm planning on running the antenna wire behind the cab away from the engine compartment but still wonder about the amp being on the center hump close to the fire wall and a Body Control Module is under the dash and one near the drivers seat. If I used the highest shielded coax I can find do you think that would be what I need ? Just asking for your opinion if you have done this sort of work before and read the TSB I posted above. Thanks
  6. I think I am confused. You stated you used 4 gauge wire for a 400watt. I have a so to say 400 watt amp and was told to uses 8 although I used to use 10. Isn't 4 gauge twice the size of 8g ? I'm not sure what you are trying to make me understand, sorry. I do plan to come right off the battery to a terminal strip with 12v breakers where I can tap into that for other accessories.
  7. Well I did have 10g wire in my other truck and everything was good. When I took my equipment to a CB shop for a tune up I was asking them questions. One question was "What gauge wire should I use for the radio and the kicker ?" Immediately the guy answered "8 Gauge." I'm just going off the advise I was given. I do know when I had this in my older pre 90's truck I had to rev up the engine a bit when I keyed the mic and the lights on my moon visor would flicker with the loudness of my voice. It is a pretty powerful unit but I never measured the amp draw.
  8. I am looking to install a cb/ham radio with a 375 watt kicker. I am concerned about the wattage output affecting my 2014 Silverado 1500 electrical system. I have a TSB about installing TX radios and question whether or not this wattage output will cause problems with the trucks electrical circuits. I have already consulted a dealer and he stated that he could not give me any advise on ANY aftermarket products period. Well the radio is going in the truck period. I have had no problems with the radio installed in my 99 Suburban and everything worked as it should. However, I have been reading TSB's on this newer electrical system on the 2014's and basically it states that it is very sensitive and must be done correctly or weird and bad things can happen. I have included the TSB I have downloaded and wanted to know if anyone has a similiar wattage transceiver installed in their 2014 Silverado 1500 and if you encountered any problems, how you ran the power wires and antenna cable, where you hooked the 12 wire to (battery direct or terminals under the battery cover) needed 2 batteries or just one (I had 2 in the Suburban with a specially made 200 amp alternator) and what type antenna you used ( magnetic or permenant) ? I have a 25 watt radio with a High Drive linear that will swing to about 375 watts and plan to run a Wilson 5000 magnetic mount on the roof although I would rather have a through the roof hole mount but am not drilling holes in a new truck or a bed mount but I have a cap. All powered with 8 gauge wire that was recommended from a CB shop. In reading the Service Bulletin it specifies where to run the 12v wire along with the antenna cable a certain way. However I really do not want to run 25ish feet of power wire clear around the radiator and back inside the cab. My battery is on the passenger side and really don't see why I can't just run it direct into the passenger side of the cab as long as I keep it away from the antenna cable. Any help or advise would be more than appreciated. Thanks members. Serious responses only please. Thanks Again !!
  9. Let's not forget the fact that GM credits every dealer that does 1 free oil change the sum of $50.00. Any dealer that is charging any fee other than the difference in price of blend to full is making money off their customers for free oil changes. Call it what you will but I say it is unfair business practices,running a racket and making money off GM. As one other member said you already paid for those free oil changes in the price of the truck.
  10. I was told by 2 different dealers that if I change my own oil and even if I keep the sales slip and you have a problem with your engine GM will NOT cover you. How do they know you put this oil and filter in this truck ? Because you go to the dealer to have it done it is documented. I let each of them do 1 each and after I got ripped off (see my other post in this forum) I just did the 3rd myself. I'm tired of this he said she said BS from every one in it for a buck. I'm in it for myself from now on. If I have any problems down the road I make a phone call and let the attorney deal with it and I have everything documented so far including 3 oil samples from all 3 oil changes.
  11. And I don't "think" I can't go back to blend I was told by all 3 dealers and the GM rep on the phone that you can upgrade to full but you can't go back to blend. Ask your dealer and call GM and tell us what story you get told.
  12. The dealers in my area will still charge you 1/2hr labor anyways. I called GM about that and they basically told me every dealer is different and they can charge whatever they want. So if I'm paying for a free oil change I might as well upgrade now and be done with it, Right ? Did you pay labor for your oil change ?
  13. That's what all 3 dealers told me. I Don't know the particulars because I prefer to run full and never bothered to ask anyone.
  14. Here's my story on the free oil changes. I went to dealer 1 and got charged the difference of blend to full synthetic oil which was about 33 bucks. Dealer 2 did not have the full synthetic oil so they sent to the parts store and brought some to the shop. BTW you can upgrade from blend to full but once you run full synthetic you can't ever go back to blend. So dealer 2 charged me 44 bucks for a FREE oil change plus the difference of blend to full. And 1/2 hour labor !! WTF is free about that ? and they charge $75hr labor costs ? Holy F&%k. They told me the next time I can bring in my own oil and they will change it for me so that they can get credit for it ! HA !! Kiss My A**. They would get $50 from GM plus $37.50 for labor and I pay for the oil !! NO WAY JACK !! 8 quarts oil and a filter would run me about $41.50 plus $37.50 for labor for a total of $79 bucks. So I call dealer 3 and they told me an oil change would be around 33 bucks. They also told me that GM reimburses dealers $50 for each free oil change they honor. Anyone else have similar issues like this ? What is your dealers labor cost per hour ? I'd really like to know. In my world "Free" ment "FREE". So dealer 2 got $50 from GM for my oil change plus they got over $44 from me to pay for the oil and labor. Needless to say I change my own now like I always have because I got NOTHING FREE ! Dealer 2 got the FREE not me. UMmmmm, WTF is wrong with this world anymore people ?
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