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  1. on my 2nd 6.2 truck; i love that motor. I never owned a 5.3 truck but I have driven them. My local dealerships have 13K to 15K off right now. My 2018 GMC SLT 6.2 4x4 (max trailering package) sticker price at 57K. I got it for 43K before my trade. Im more than pleased.
  2. I just traded in my 2015 GMC SLT 6.2 in because of the 8 speed problems. did the recall when it had about 10k miles on it. Then around 25K I brought it back in for them to look at they said there is nothing wrong with it. around 40K miles I was having torque converter shutter so I brought it to another dealer and they changed the convertor. So said that should fix my hard shifting; nope. went trade it in yesterday on a 2018 max trailering package slt premium plus 4x4. Its smooooth as silk shifting and even the motor doesn't have a delay when I press the gas. very happy so far with this one.
  3. that figures I put a RC 2" on my 2015 and it rides like factory. thank for the input guys. The salesman is suppose to be a friend/ customer of mine. I guess hes is miss informed or hes trying to pull a fast one on me.
  4. About to buy a new 2018 sierra, my 2015 I put a RC 2" leveling kit; spacer kit and it worked great with no issues running stock sized tires. So my salesman is telling me that in 2016 the suspension changed a bit and he is not recommend the spacers because it will cause geometry issues and squeaking noise. He is trying to get me to do a rancho kit that will cost me $750. that included the kit, install and alignment. need some input on a 2018
  5. I had to replace my condenser on my 2015 GMC sierra yesterday. luckly I have extended warranty on my truck but I had to pay $100 deductible. Which I think with only 40,000 miles should of been covered completely by GM. I wasnt too happy about that and was hoping that my dealer would of just taken care of the $100 bucks but they didnt want to offer that. $100 bucks for a dealer would be pennies to keep the customer happy. So I might be going to another dealer on my next truck purchase.
  6. a little over a week ago I started to hear a ticking sound from the drivers side of the motor. It would increase in speed as the engine rpm increased. first thought was a valve train issue. well turned out to be a bent push rod due to the spring in the lifter got stuck because of the V4/V8 system. Also spark plug was fouled out. other than a ticking sound the truck still ran fine. I ask the service manager about this he said they have gotten a few in that had this problem, mostly in the yukon denalis. which have the same engine. At least it was under warranty and my truck is fixed bent push rod on #8 exhaust
  7. very nice, I want to tear down my 66 like that too but I dont have the space right now to do it. But a shop of my own is on the way
  8. I have a 6.2 the fuel door says premium fuel recommend. Owners manual says you can run regular fuel but if you run into pre ignition then switch to premium. My dealer was putting regular fuel when i bought it. then I did some reading. for light loads and just everyday driving I usually run mid grade (89). I dont have any issues but I keep my foot out of it, The computer will pull timing. But I did floor it and heard detonation. The cosco near my house has premium for about $.30 cheaper than most stations so I my just start filling up there. not a big deal this truck gets way better mileage than my last one so I dont mind running better fuel. If I have to haul a tractor or something heavy I will run premium
  9. i prefer the crew cab standard bed, but I end up with a crew cab short bed. I think both look good. But I wanted the standard, but I got a sweet deal on the truck so I ended up with the short.
  10. I have 12,000 miles on my 15 Sierra with the LS2 tires for far so good no problems yet. the ride is good and traction is ok good thing it comes with traction control or the 6.2 would just smoke them.
  11. this is what it when i was in high school. my dad painted it yellow in 1989. my grandfather bought is new, then my dad started driving it and then I got it when I was 16. lots of memories
  12. <------- look at my avatar the green truck
  13. 1966 chevy stepside which i still have.
  14. ncd1966

    I'm sorry GM

    found it on amazon through Love Chevolet (dealership) its has GMC stitched in it but its actually made by bed rug. i bought it for $347 about $100 bucks cheaper than my local dealer. the tonneau cover i bought is a BAK revolver X2 from Tonneau Factory Outlet
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