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  1. Well I went to the dealer and talked with them. They drove the truck, couldn't replicate the problem so no fluid change. Oh well
  2. A boat is a big difference from a enclosed trailer... the wind drag is what gets you. I have hauled 9k lbs in a dump trailer just fine with mine. But my 6k lbs camper is a whole different animal. Does it just fine but you surely know its there
  3. You might look at the 3M 8458 Pillar Foam, that sounds more appropriate for what your using it for. I would think that's what I would use in your scenario.
  4. Hmm. Mine had the random cold start shift delay from 1st to 2nd. Might do it 1 time in 2 weeks, might do it 4 times a week. Other than that I love it. Truck runs and drives excellent with that 1 small exception. Taking it to the dealer next week for free oil change, I wonder if I should have them do the Mobil 1 fluid TSB while its there...
  5. Oh wow. I just bought a 24ft, 27ft bumper to hitch. I only towed it once so far short distance. Waiting to see how it does rolling down the highway. Mines a 6.2 but not a max tow. 6500 max gross. Gonna run it over the scales next time I tow it.
  6. What size travel trailer is that? What the weight specs? Your truck a 5.3 or 6.2?
  7. I just screwed my amp straight to the back wall. But I dont have a power rear window either. I did have to relocate the Bose amp further to the passenger side as it's right in the way.
  8. I'm running a pair of SSA F8Ls 8" ported under the seat. Subs are forward fire and port is to the side on the drivers side. Running on a DD M2a so 2k ish. They surprised the crap out of me for a pair of 8s. I built a 2" seat lift to fit them though. Waaaaay better than the 12w6 sealed I had downfire where the 40 portion of the bench was folded up
  9. I have seen a couple there, but they usually stick out a few inches. Should have just bought the dang max tow and had the factory brake controller, but a max tow 6.2 z71 was hard to come by.
  10. I put a Hopkins insight brake controller on mine today. I didnt want the typical knee buster one, so this fit the bill perfect.
  11. Eh bout common for GM half tons. Back in the 4l60 days you were doing real good if you got 175k out of it. Now the 3/4 tons I have never had an issue out of their transmission.
  12. I'm gonna say 5.3 2wd with the 3.08 rear end...
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