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  1. Mine are under the backseat somewhere, I think the seat bolts. But your amp ground shouldn't affect your stock radio powering off, Mine was too low of voltage for sure, I watched it the second time it happened. Only drops low when sitting at idle and bumping. While driving around it seems to do fine. I should by a new alt but haven't gotten around to it yet
  2. Mine has done that a couple times, for me it was too low of voltage. Still stock alt. But I'm running a DD 2k at .67 ohms so if you crank it, it's pulling some juice. I just keep an eye on my voltage now, also don't bump much while sitting still.
  3. I guess your wheels didn't have a recess in the back? I didn't trim mine at all with 1.5
  4. I believe at 1" there is a really good chance you will have to trim your stock wheel studs some. I did 1.5" and the stock studs still protrude a little into the back of the wheel. But my stock 20s have a recess and I didn't have to trim the studs at all.
  5. So did yall do it at the dealership? Or a local body shop? I have never had to have any paint or body work done
  6. So out of curiosity what did it end up costing? I have a small one as well I would like to get rid of.
  7. Mine had it, I disabled it when I added my subs. But I did/do not have any way to turn it off. I had to cut a wire to disable it.
  8. So I haven't looked under my truck, but how hard is it to just remove the rear bumper with an impact instead. Seems like it would be easier than fighting with the nuts. Just curious.
  9. This. I have the same 2018, 6.2 8spd 4x4 and I love this truck. I use my 4x4 occasionally and haven't ever had any problems with it. I did with my 2000 2500 gmc. Had several issues with the 4x4 on it. How did you get a diablew tune on the 6.2/8spd? I thought it was locked out
  10. I'm thinking you pretty much have to norcal mod most of these trucks once you get into negative offsets. Im at a -12. Granted my kit said a 33 on stock offset was recommended tire size up to a 0 offset. Im a 34 on -12 so thats on me.
  11. So what options do we have? Helper bags - rough ride unloaded. Heard from many people about that Add a leaf - probably rough ride all the time unloaded Timbren or sumo springs - apparently rough ride unloaded Road master active suspension - maybe this is the way to go?
  12. I have had the random 1-2 cold shift issue from 5k-30k miles. The shudder started at around 25k. I took it to the dealership, the did the fluid change and some harness. The shudder is gone. The stupid 1-2 is there still. Doesn't seem as common right now. And I can live with it. Its the first shift of the day, and it doesn't happen every day. And I absolutely love the truck otherwise so it is what it is. I have a 6.2 and 8spd and I love how it drives and tows. My mileage suffers, but its fun to drive so oh well lol.
  13. I have bought from Simpletire.com and Walmart.com Both had no issues with. My truck tires I ordered at Walmart.com $55 cheaper per tire than anywhere else I found.
  14. I put a S&B on my uncle's 5.3, no issues. Ill be ordering one for my 6.2 when they get back in stock.
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