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  1. So are all these trucks 4x4 or some 2x4? 2wd have more rake than the 4x4 I'm pretty sure. My 4x4 z71 had 2.5" of rake. 2.5" higher in the rear than the front. Granted I have a good 400lbs or so I keep in the truck so I'm probably lower than most. I did the 3.5 RC lift, now I have 1.25" of rake. And I like it. I can load some stuff in and sit level.
  2. Mine came with the z71 Rancho shocks. At 30k I changed them when I put my lift on. It came with new rough country rear shocks and I like them alot better then the Ranchos. I will be buying the rough country fronts soon, if I don't trade in on a new truck lol
  3. Is this an oil thread or a towing thread? Isn't there already an oil thread where yall can go hash this out?
  4. I have the falkens, 295/60r20, I like them alot. They aren't as stiff as I thought they would be for E rated so I'm happy. They ride good, have great traction in the snow, ice, water, mud and dry. I have been very happy. They aren't really noisy either. Granted I have exhaust so I don't hear them over that.
  5. Front and rear, space the wheels out just a tad.
  6. That's what I meant, the square bar setup. I think I'll try that on my next camper. It's a 279rb, so about the same size as yours.
  7. I would run it as is now that it's patched, if it starts leaking again just replace the tire. I highly doubt 3/32" is going to make a difference to the vehicle. Even if it was awd I doubt it would be a problem.
  8. I have the RC 3.5 knuckle kit on my 2018. I'm running stock gmc 20s with 295/60r20 falken wildpeak at3, they measure 34x11.5. I am running 1.5" spacers and definitely had to do the norcal mod on the inner fender for clearance. Now I can fit my hand around the whole tire anywhere. I didn't try my wheel without the spacers though. I like the stance from the 1.5" though
  9. Yup, just wouldn't start. Went home, charged it overnight, still wouldn't start. Went to dealer and it was replaced under bumper to bumper. But no warning signs at all.
  10. Is it the dual bar setup? I have the only 2 bar with chains and a separate sway bar and I don't love it, so looking for something better but have read mixed reviews on just about all the hitches. Yea my uncle would follow me in his 5.3/6spd 2017 , I was towing and usually around 173-180, and he was running 195-200 with no load. So I figured the 8spd just runs cooler
  11. I replaced mine 2 months ago under warranty. 2 years old and 30k miles stock battery took a crap. I was surprised by that as I have always gotten a good 5+ years out of my batteries. I have some that are 7-8 years old still good...
  12. Honestly I would probably tow the 20 miles home just to see how it handled it lol. I have hauled a tall dump trailer that was 12000lbs and it handled it really good, but I didn't know the weight till I got to the dump.
  13. Your payload includes a full tank of fuel, and a 150lb driver. So add any additional weight other than that. My current trailer weighs 6k ready to go, tongue weight is around 840. Tows it great, no problems
  14. I'm fixing to swap my 27ft for a 32ft similar to yours but older. Which WDH are you using and sway control? I have a 6.2, 8spd though. My 8spd runs pretty cool stock. Highest I have ever seen it is 192 while towing in 105+ heat
  15. So yea once you pack some stuff in your way overweight. So how far are you towing this thing? I might be willing to tow it home from the dealer, or to a local camp site... but definitely not a couple hours down the road.
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