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  1. Built a 2" rear seat lift today. 2" square tubing 1/8" wall. 20-1/2"x1.5" bolts with lock washers and nuts. I welded the bolt so it acts just like the factory studs. Did have to cut about 1/2" off the factory seat studs so I could get my ratcheting wrench over the factory studs. If you lift the seat all the way up, you can fold the backrest down too. My purpose for this was to gain room for 2 big 8" subs, and I'll have some storage on the drivers side as well.
  2. JL fix 86

    Oh I hear you. And when the time comes for me to do a whole system I still may go the nav tv route. That has optical out as well via toslink. I was reading up about it. Seems most on diyma are happy with it. Time will tell
  3. JL fix 86

    Ohh lookie there. I didnt know that existed! Thank you very much! Looks like it would work great for me at a much better price point
  4. JL fix 86

    Oh I know haha Yea, believe me I know. And seriously miss my last stereo. But I'm just not ready to do a whole teardown on a brand new truck. I'm thinking with just my subs I'll be content long enough to do my lift, tires, and custom tune
  5. JL fix 86

    Yea I havent committed to a full system yet. Trying to talk myself into being happy with just subs lol. So far it's working.
  6. JL fix 86

    Lol that's my problem with it haha
  7. HATE My High-Beams

    You nuts man... I have a 87 C20, no way would I go back to those horrible sealed beam halogen reflectors. I have a 18 SLT with the HID projectors. They have pretty good light output. Could it be better, yes. Is it worth the amount of work and money involved to retrofit new projectors, not really. I have a 04 yukon I added quad HID projectors, insane light output. Its brighter than most of your light bars, with better light distribution. And can light the service road off a 6 lane high way.
  8. I have those exact tires on my 04 yukon in that exact size. I like them. They wear well, handle good, and have had good off road traction

    I tried just a muffler on my 6.2. Did a 3.5" borla xr-1 muffler. It was still stupid quiet. Just a smidge louder than stock. So I then deleted the resonator and it came alive. I say try the muffler delete first and see what happens.
  10. Wheel Skin Review

    Wow, those actually look pretty good!
  11. Cadillac Rear View Camera Mirror

    Anyone know of a factory mirror part # that just takes a coax video? Would like to hook up a front parking camera
  12. Stock wheels on lifted trucks!

    Hey bud, this is a stock wheels lifted thread lol
  13. Subwoofer help

    What's this Llj customs harness you speak of? Also what's the mounting depth of the box your looking at?
  14. factory stereo upgrades

    I agree. Most factory stereos are pretty decent once you add a real subwoofer to fill in the lower octaves. That's my gameplan as well. Add 2 8s under the rear seat
  15. 2018 Silverado 1500 2wd Custom

    Yea I forgot your 2wd... not really sure what your options are

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