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  1. People who can only afford $30k ford probably run their tank almost empty because they cant afford to fill up every time. I figure if you can afford a $80k denali, why are you attempting to come close to running out of gas? You should be able to fill it up anytime before you come close to running out
  2. I mean I hear you... I would be pissed about it as well. But if everything else about the product is what you want. Then I would rather drill 2 holes than deal with packaging it all up and shipping it back ... All you need is a drill and a drill bit. My mom even has that lol... I would email them and request money back for having to redesign their so called "bolt in" product
  3. Can you not just drill 2 more holes and bolt it where you need it?
  4. Man that sucks... I work down there alot. It would suck to come out one day and find my truck gone. Definitely mostly gm trucks there
  5. I looked it up, didnt realize you were talking swapping oem switches. I thought it was maybe a special bracket or somethinf
  6. Yea, it's never the trailer I'm worried about. Always the tires and axles.
  7. Whew man... that's sketchy. My uncle hauled a 6k tractor on my 3500lb single axle trailer and it did just fine, but I wouldn't have chanced it. I'll go rent or borrow the appropriate trailer before I destroy my personal trailer. But I also have plenty of access to borrow much bigger trailers than my 1/2 ton should be pulling as well
  8. Ahh yea toolbox friendly as well. That's an interesting solution. I really do hate this dang 5'8 bed. I tried so hard to get a standard bed with the 6.2 but couldn't find a single one local
  9. Hahahaha wtf... yea my 6.2 and 8spd has been an excellent setup. My uncles 17 5.3 6spd was a dog. I much prefer the shifting of the 8spd stock. After we tuned his it was much better though
  10. Yea I'm just going to keep on like I have been doing. Havent had any problems yet. I also pull over after about an hour and check all 8 tires psi and hub temps. I dont want any blowouts. I'm about to replace my stock P rated tires with LTs and that will help tremendously
  11. Ahh I see. Yea I'm a long way from being out of my powertrain warranty. Still havent decided if I want to tune now or later. With all the problems people are having with the 8spd i dont really want to chance it. My performs great though
  12. With a toolbox? On their website the toolbox trifecta 2.0 is only offered for 6.6 and 8ft beds.
  13. If you already have the tuner. Go ahead and try tuning it... But according to the website I need the in tune platinum. But I tuned my uncle's 17 5.3 with the same tuner he used on his 16. Diablo intune I3 I believe
  14. My 18 SLT doesnt have full led either. Hid projectors To the OP that is correct for your headlight. My operate exactly the same. We dont have a turn signal in the drl portion. We have a dedicated turn signal bulb. I actually prefer these headlights. I think the look better and dont like the drl off for turn signal look.
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