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  1. Bye bye 6spd

    Eh bout common for GM half tons. Back in the 4l60 days you were doing real good if you got 175k out of it. Now the 3/4 tons I have never had an issue out of their transmission.
  2. Wow that looks way better! Good call!
  3. I'm gonna say 5.3 2wd with the 3.08 rear end...
  4. Ohh I want one lol... when are you installing it?
  5. Speakers in the bed

    A buddy of mine had one of these JBL Extreme speakers. https://www.jbl.com/bluetooth-speakers/JBL+Xtreme+2.html?dwvar_JBL Xtreme 2_color=Midnight Black-USA-Current&cgid=bluetooth-speakers#start=1 We had it inside a massive fab shop and could jam out all night. It sounded great and actually had plenty of bass! You could hear it while wearing ear plugs and using a 4" grinder. I need to get one like it for the pool parties.
  6. 9 inch +18 wheels

    Im looking at the 5" RC bracket lift. I don't see why you would want the knuckle lift pushing the tires 1.5" out further
  7. My dealer told me the same thing. How is a solid 2-3 second delay between 1st and 2nd shift "normal operation"? But mine only does it maybe 3 times a week, so I don't really want them screwing with it and ending up with any of the numerous other issues...
  8. Man that looks great. How are you liking it so far?
  9. Yea I much prefer to blue over the red.
  10. Yup. No flapper on either truck
  11. Towing MPG

    Yea it really does depend on your driving habits. Why not just get a ramp and stick the motorcycle in the bed? What kinda motorcycle and single axle trailer weights 2800lbs? Unless multiple motorcycles I guess
  12. We did a magna flow on my uncle's 5.3 with duals out the back. It's pretty dang quiet inside the truck. You hear it very slightly under normal driving. Definitely no drone. Now my Borla on the other hand. It's fairly loud. But with the low cruising rpms of the 6.2/8spd it can almost disappear while just cruising. It doesnt drone at all, but you can always hear it. Turn the radio on a couple clicks and you cant hear it anymore. You dont have to raise your voice or anything to talk over it. But when you stomp the gas it sounds like an absolute monster. Which is exactly what I wanted. But I'm relatively young and have always liked loud trucks. It's a good reminder that oh yea, I have a 6.2 and it's a beast lol
  13. 6.5" Lift

    Gotcha. Looks good.
  14. 6.5" Lift

    Are you running any kind of wheel spacers?

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