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  1. I lifted my rear seat 2" to fit my sub box and now it folds too. It is handy especially for amps back there.
  2. Did those come factory on any trucks? Or just an optional item?
  3. Wow bring back an old quote lol. I'm glad your happy. Im happy with mine. All done.
  4. I have read i can use 1.5" with my stock wheels as they have cavities between the lug holes where the stock stud can protrude a little when running spacers, seen the pics of it. So it depends on that as well. Definitely hub and wheel centric.
  5. I have this one. hopkins insight it works great. I like having the display. Mounted display in the cubby where the factory one is. And mounted the controller in the cubby next to the seat in the center console side. Easy access. The module for it is hidden in the kick panel of the console. You can get the plug and play harness for it too.
  6. It works on the s&b. We did that on my uncles 17 with a s&b. It turned out way nicer. If I remember right we just modified the stock hoses.
  7. Well thats nifty. I didn't think that would work since the lights won't. But I might have to do that to my 18
  8. Same. Been this way for a while with me. But it has gotten worse. Usually I refresh the page and it starts working fine. But now that's not doing it either. I guess I'll go the new tab route
  9. But with better gearing and more gears it could be better. I will be checking one out, they are kind of hard to come by in anything optioned well in my area though. I plan on looking at it, but going back to 16mpg unloaded sounds kinda rough. My truck is 6k on the scales, so 1000 lbs lighter and I get 8mpg better? I just think GM left some on the table. If they got 20ish I think that would push me to it. Yea but your rolling out a new truck, why do they always have to reuse as much as possible. New truck, new engine, same 6spd?... why not the 10spd the duramax gets? My 6.2 in my half ton has surpassed all of my expectations for towing. The only reason i need a 3/4 is suspension and chassis. It has plenty of power for the 12k I have put behind it. I had a 2000 6.0. Loved that truck. Got absolutely crap mileage. It had 310k when I sold it.
  10. I'm not gonna lie I'm disappointed with the new engine trans combination. I was hoping for more power and torque, with atleast a 8SPD or a 10spd. Why give the diesel a 10 spd and the gas a 6? Makes no sense. I find I need a 3/4 ton sometimes, dont want the diesel headache, but I want my 6.2 and 8spd in a 3/4 ton. Or something better. I have no doubt it's better than the 6.0. But 15 mpg is pretty bad for nowadays. I get 22-24 on the highway in my 6000lb half ton 6.2 4x4. Why wouldn't you give it it more gears so you can get some decent highway mileage?
  11. It all depends on mounting depth. You can fit any shallow mount 10s for sure. Just put 2 alpine type e 12s in my uncle's truck in a prefab downfire box. I was shocked they fit. But they did. I think the mounting depth was 6.5 inches or so...
  12. I did 3 high power 8s on 2400 rms. They freaking slam for what they are. Lifted back seat 2 inches, box is 1.94 cubes net at 33 I think with a 6" aero port
  13. That's right it's all in the configuration. And I'm telling you a 5.3 with a 3.08 is a freaking dog. It can have all the power it wants, but without the right gearing it feels gutless. I love how your comparison is a 3.73 single cab on e85. According to the chart provided by grumpy they dont make a 3.73 4.3. And your opting for the most powerful version of a 4.3 being on e85... so your saying on regular gas it's not good enough. Everyone's comparison of 4.3 power is saying on e85... that's got to say something right there. I tried to leave. Yall keep quoting and attacking me personally. My only attack is with the 4.3.
  14. Some combinations... vs some combinations... that just closes the book huh. Have you driven a 3.08 5.3? It is a dog... so I'm glad your comparing the 4.3 to that. Apples and apples, dog vs dog. But since yall cant take a little heat, I'll leave yall alone. On with the 4.3 lovers thread!
  15. Base engine is base engine... I dont care if it's cheaper or less powerful. But the lower tow ratings for it prove it's less powerful and underpowered.
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