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  1. So I have been in the silverado forum since I bought my 16 silverado 1500 new. I recently bought a travel trailer and needed to get a 3/4 ton diesel truck. So I traded in on a 2016 gmc sierra denali 2500 HD with a 6.6 duramax and allison trans combo. We really like this new truck setup and will be researching more on diesels as this is my first one.Look forward to learning from you all in this forum.Any feedback or suggested reading material/ Info would be appreciated.
  2. Well I didnt get a chance to tow it home as I ended up trading the truck in on a 16 gmc sierra denali 2500 hd with the duramax and alisson combo. Should have no issue pulling it now.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Looking to get a 2500 silverado now.I did find a 2018 ltz 3500 with 40k miles for 55k,might go look at that. Time for a new truck anyways.This truck has had the lifter issues and the transmission issue.Luckily both was under warranty.Dealer rebuilt transmission and replaced cams and lifters within 75k miles. I was going to just tow it home about 20 miles but will just have a friend do it unless I buy another truck by saturday which is pick up day.
  4. 8600 lb is the dry weight.The gross weight is 11365. The trailer is a 2021 324TS Even with the small camper we use now we still use a follow vehicle to carry the kids and most packable items as we leave at different times.
  5. The truck has 20" wheels and 33 12.50 10 ply mud terrain tires.Also a 2" leveling kit was added in the front.Was going to add rear air bags and tow mirrors. We allready put a deposit down on the travel trailer as it was a great deal so we have to atleast get it home with this truck unless we can find a 2500 by next weekend.The dealer is only 20 miles away though. We are looking for a silverado 2500 or a ram 2500 now . Thanks for the feedback
  6. I have 2016 silverado crew cab 5.3L z71 4wd with 3.42 gears.I am looking at a 40ft camper that weights 8600lbs dry. The rv dealer says I can pull it just fine as long as im not pulling across country and recommends equalizer hitch and add rear air bags to truck. I have read different towing capacitys for this truck so Im confused on the max.
  7. I did not realize these trucks have such a serious and expensive issue.The warranty work totaled over $4K. Are the afm components only on that one bank ? Cylinder 1 on mine had scoring, and the cam and lifters and other related parts were replaced, as far as I know just on that one bank.
  8. This issue get resolved ? I took my truck back to the dealership last week because of this same noise that it started making.Its currently at 57k miles and all services have been done at fealership. They are replacing the cams and lifters because they said they are bad.Any one else have this problem ? What would cause it ?
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