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  1. Folks, I saw this pinned topic and thought I'd post my experiences expressed in another thread on here as well (to share with the group and in case anyone from GM is reading this and might give a hoot) http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/156804-garage-door-opener/page-5?do=findComment&comment=1466288
  2. Thought I'd give the group an update: The truck has been to the dealer 5 times now. They still have not conducted any "real" diagnostics on the radio or HomeLink. Actually each visit was kinda weird because when I would try to tell the service rep why I was there he would tell me to talk to the salesman - who would invariably ask if I filled out the GM New Car Survey and if I gave them all 5’s. The first few times I didn’t think much of it but eventually it became very obvious they were holding back repairs on purpose. I just wanted the truck fixed so I filled out the damn survey and insisted they at least try to diagnose the issues or call GM Tech support. Well they didn’t call GM but according to the service rep they have a tester they put up to the window that shows that HomeLink is sending a signal – and because it's sending a signal (2 inches away), they claim there is no problem. As far as the radio goes, they claim to get all the stations they want sitting still in the parking lot, so once again they say there is no problem. They had the truck for the better part of a week and before I dropped it off I filled it with gas and reset the trip and MPG’s. When I picked it up I saw that they put just under 80 miles on my truck and later I realized they racked up highway toll charges on my "EZ Pass"! What’s even worse is that they only got 12mpg over the 80 miles they drove it. I’m averaging 21-22+mpg on the highway… so the f%^&ers must have really been beating on it! And I’m teed off! When questioned about it, they said it was necessary to diagnose my truck. Of course this is BS and when I called GM they said I could tell them my complaint but they would just refer the issue back to the dealer. So, I let it drop for the time being because now the truck has a few other gremlins (like cranking the temp and fan to max all by itself and displays that flicker and post weird messages) that I will need repaired. I can’t go elsewhere because other local GMC dealers won’t work on what they didn’t sell. As a result, there is no point in complaining and pissing this dealer off especially since GM won’t and doesn’t care either… I’m a very loyal customer who buys at least 1 new car each year for our 4-car family. However, this crap is getting old and GM just might lose me soon. Sorry to vent so much but I did want to give the group an update and I really hope others with the Radio/HomeLink issue have had better luck than I have so far…
  3. I'd really be interested in hearing if somebody comes up with a solution for this. My 2014 Sierra has the same problem. I cannot open the garage door unless my bumper is nearly touching it. It's been to the dealer three times. The first time they said they would need to check into it and get back to me. The second time they didn't do anything because I had an electronic toll pass in my window which they said had to be removed to eliminate it as the cause of the problem. The third time they didn't do anything other than just take notes and said they would check with technical and get back to me. So, three visits and no actions or resolution from the dealer. After the second visit I went home and spent a couple of hours on the phone with the homelink folks. They had me jumping through a million hoops including buying new batteries for my remotes (because, according to them a weak battery in my remote could affect the strength of the programming in my vehicle), unplugging everything in the garage, turning off fluorescent lights, installing a ~15 foot extension to the antenna wire on my opener and several other things. Of course none of these worked. It is worth noting that I have one opener that is an older model from the mid nineties and one newer opener with a rolling code. On the rolling code opener I can open the door from 20' or so away but have to be right up against the other door for it to work. Two of my other current GM vehicles also have home link which works just fine on both doors from at least a few hundred feet away. In fact, we are a four car family and this is our seventh new GM in just over 2 1/2 years. Most of these vehicles had home link and we've never had a problem until now. I also have the unresolved radio issue and cannot listen to radio stations in HD (it's nonsense that even local stations cut in and out like that). I wonder if these two are somehow related. In any case, since there appears to be no resolution forthcoming from GM or the dealer, I'll be watching this forum closely and hoping that somebody comes up with a solution. After all that I do want to say that I've also owned Ford, Dodge, and Toyota trucks and, although this is not a fair comparison because they were several model years apart from each other, nevertheless - this GMC Sierra is by far the nicest truck I have ever owned. I love the looks of the truck, it's styling, features, handling, and it's quiet ride! I think it's a keeper, even with the minor flaws...
  4. New member here - just purchased a 2014 GMC Sierra. Looking forward to interacting with the group!
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