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Found 20 results

  1. I haven't seen anyone with official numbers. displaying the height of our trucks so I decided to pull it in the garage and measure up a couple of points. Keep in mind, this is a 2019 Trail Boss Custom, Z71, Crew Cab, Standard Bed, with ~3000miles. Everything is completely stock and the tank was 95% full. I measured the following heights; - all 4 corners(at the fender) measured at the center of the wheel - front diff (lowest point) - rear diff (lowest point) - front shroud/bumper (lowest point) I've taken the measurements twice, once SETTLED and once UNSETTLED. To better define the terms, the settled measurements were taken by simply driving the truck in the garage, and measuring. I weigh around 200lbs ( seems to matter as there was a little lean tot he driver side). The unsettled measurements were taken by, lifting the vehicle, front and back, just to the point where the tires were off, then slowly letting the jack down and removing it. SETTLED Measurements; DS front - 39 1/4" DS rear - 41 3/8" PS front - 39 1/2" PS rear - 41 3/8" front diff - 13" rear diff - 9" bumper - 13 5/16" UNSETTLED Measurements; DS front - 39 7/8" DS rear - 41 1/2" PS front - 40 1/8" PS rear - 41 3/8" front diff - 13 3/8" rear diff - 9" bumper - 14" I've added all the pictures to this gallery ----> I've attached a couple of critical photos I think everyone should be aware of.
  2. I understand the tire subject has been beaten to death but please hear me out. I currently have the Nitto Ridge Grapplers in 295/55/20. They are E rated tires. I really like how they look but after running them for 2 years, they are loud and harsh in my 2017 crew cab sierra denali 4x4 6.2L . I'm looking for a quiet tire with a SL load rating, comfortable ride but aggressive look. I'll probably be going with 275/60/20 for the new tire size but also considering 285/55/20. I've been doing tons of research, reading reviews and forums but since I have no experience with the 3 tires in the poll, I'm specifically looking for people with first hand experience switching from an E rated tire to a SL / XL / P rated tire. I have also owned the Nitto TerraGrapplers and did like them ok but looking for something different. My truck is mainly driven in the city 85%, highway 10% and about 5% in the country (gravel, muddy fields, etc) while hunting a couple times a year. I also live in Missouri, so we do see some snow from time to time but that is not much of a concern with 4x4 already. Price is less of a concern but since it is relevant: Falken Wildpeak 275/60/20 - $238 each or $952 for 4 Toyo OpenCountry AT3 285/55/20 - $234 each or $936 for 4 Toyo OpenCountry AT3 275/60/20 - $266 each or $1064 for 4 Goodyear TrailRunner 275/60/20 - $156 each or $623 for 4 I'm getting old and want a smoother ride=lame. I know the magnaride is not the smoothest, I plan to see if the tires do the trick for me and if not, suspension is next. Many thanks!!
  3. I have a 2015 z71 cc with the 18 inch factory GoodYear SRA tires. I have 55,000 miles on these tires. They look like they have at least 10,000 more miles left. What's the average miles everyone is getting out of them before replacing them? I was also thinking about replacing them with a 275, will this hurt my gas mileage? Thanks
  4. I have a 2014 Sierra 1500. Everything is currently stock. i might add a leveling kit or small lift sometime in the future. But i am currently looking to get some new wheels since it is almost time for new tires. I am not too good with the calculations so i was hoping you all could help. I am looking into the Fuel assault wheels (18"x9") paired with Goodyear Wrangler Duratrec tires (265x65R18). These are offered in -12mm, 01mm, 20mm offset. which offset would be best? I wouldn't mind the tires sticking out slightly, but nothing obnoxious. Also will these tires fit without rubbing? I was also looking at the same setup but with the fuel assault wheels (20"x9") paired with the Goodyear Duratrec tires (275x55R20). Would these fit without rubbing? Also, what offset? They are offered in 1mm and 20 mm). Like I said i am new to this but would like to add a more aggressive look to my truck when i get new tires. I just want to make sure they fit without rubbing or any other problems. thanks in advance! Ted
  5. Mornin' friends! I recently purchased a 2015 Silverado z71 and realized that the tires are too small/not aggressive enough. I took off the 265/65/18 tires and threw on some BFG AT KO2 275/70/18 tires. What's strange is that my average dropped from 18.8 to 13.7..........what!!!!!!??????!?!?!?!!!!! No way does this happen with this small of a tire change, no? Am I wrong?! Also, what should the PSI be? It says max 80 but I put 40 in it. Thanks much!
  6. I purchased 4 GoodYear Wrangler DuraTrac Tires today in the OEM size on my truck - 275/55R20. At 20,000 miles I didn't like the look of the SRA's for the upcoming Ohio winter. Here are some photos. FYI - I drive my truck about 6,000 - 7,000 miles per year.
  7. Okay so I trying to track down a vibration at 68-75 mph (no I'm serious) the dealer has already did the road force and force match process and it is better, but not right. Currently my truck has Goodyear LS-2's on it. The dealer has a set of the same rims but with Continental crosscontact tires on them. I watch them upgrade a Tahoe to 22's. the Tahoe has the same NHT towing package and the tires are rated the same in all respects. The dealer said If they try those and I like the ride better we can keep them on the truck and basically do a swap. since my truck has very low miles. I did notice that the vehicles on his lot with higher stock numbers (newer ones) have continentals and the older stock numbers have Goodyears ls-2s. So why did GM change their tire supplier for these size rims (275/55/20) Question is which do you like best Goodyear or continental, and why? the Tire rack compare feature slams the goodyears and says good things about the continentals.
  8. Hi guys, prob a longshot but if anyone is interested in the OEM Z71 wheel/tire setup I have a full set that Id like to part with. If you want just the wheels or just the tires let me know. Tires are Goodyear SR-A 265/65R18 Ive had them for a year and 6 months and they saw 20k pavement miles. I didnt so any offroading or anything else rigorous. At most saw a couple of gravel driveways. The wheels and tires both are taken care of, do not have any rash. It was freezing cold the day i took the pics when they were taken off but if bought i will clean them up before coming to you. No tpms or valves, but do have the lugs. Full album of pics here: https://imgur.com/a/6yeCp Meetup will probably be out of the question as I have rarely seen anyone on the forum in MT. Willing to ship but we both know it will be hefty, price wise. Thanks
  9. 2011+ GM 8 lug 22" Fuel Maverick Wheels TPMS Sensors installed 285/55R22 Nitto Trail Grappler M/T 70% tread remaining Traded truck in with factory 20's so no longer need these. Pic is my 2015 GMC 2500 with a leveling kit. No rub when turning or backing up and turning
  10. 4-265/60R20 (32.5x10.20X20) Goodyear Wrangler SR-A All Season tires for sale with only 3,000 miles on them. These tires go for $200+ each when bought new and come with a 50,000 mile tread-life warranty from Goodyear, which means there's at least 90% tread left. Came off my 2500HD and have an E load rating. For more information give me a call or text at 501-940 03 One Two. No Trades, located in Little Rock, Arkansas but will deliver to a shipping terminal if you organize the rest. $450 Thanks.
  11. Four GoodYear Wrangler SR-A Tires P275/55R20 Off of 2016 GMC. Only 2,400 Miles. Tires in Great Shape. Tires Only. $300.00 Local Pickup Only.
  12. Hi All, I'm selling my 2016 Denali Wheels with Good Year Wrangler Tires. These are the 20" wheels that came with my truck. I Used them for about 5,000 miles and changed to something else. These tires are in great condition and have 90-95% life remaining. Included are the TPMS which are still in the tire so they will work with the pressure monitor and I am also inlcuding the stock bolts. These may also work on other GM trucks like silverado. The wheels have a 8x180 bolt pattern and have 44 offset. Please PM for details, I'm looking for $1,500.00 for everything, local pick up in baton rouge, LA I can ship but the shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer. my cell 225 229 0967
  13. I'm selling 4 Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac 265/65/r18 tires with 2,000 miles on them (these are standard load rating). All tires are in excellent condition, no plugs, cuts or gouges. $780.00 cash (wheels not included) Price: $760 Location: Gorham, Maine - local pickup, will ship if your willing to pay for it Payment: Cash on pick up or PayPal
  14. Just installed a set of the Continental CrossContact LX20 P275/55/R20 with Nitrogen on my 2014 Chevrolet Silverado. Original Goodyear Eagle LS2 were bald at 15,300 miles. Let's see how these do.
  15. I pulled these tires off my truck at 24k miles because I lifted my truck 6"s and threw 35s on it. These tires were rotated every 5k miles. One had a patch done a year ago. They retail for about $140 each. Selling for $50 each. Significant tread life left. Pictures are of actual condition of tires. Local pickup in So Cal (not economical to ship but you are welcome to do so if you would like to pay for that). Nate
  16. I know it's already been covered a lot, but holy cow! These Goodyear SR-As suck. I have 20,000 miles on my Sierra SLT A/T. The tires have been rotated about every 7,000 miles. They look OK with plenty of tread left. They're useless, though. They break looks on wet pavement with very little reason. I notice that when I start out from a traffic light, they start to spin when they get to the white paint for the crosswalk. I'm not accelerating hard, either. I turned a corner in the rain last night and the back end slid around on me. It's not like I'm driving like a teenager, either. I can drive the same way in my wife's minivan with no problem. I've never gotten less than 40,000 miles from a set of tires, but I think a set of Michelin M/S 2s might be on my Christmas list this year.
  17. Located in North East Ohio.. would possibly meet buyer to save some driving if distance is an issue (within reason, we can discuss) May consider shipping at buyers expense. I do not know exact cost but assuming it would be $200-$250 ish. I would possibly sell the wheels and tires separately as well... These were removed from my 2015 Chevy 1500 with only 1,000 miles on it, so these are practically brand new in perfect condition. The TPMS was removed, the tire was not fully unmounted, should still be balanced. The tires are goodyear wrangler SR-A 275/55R20 $1400 call/text 440 840 5238
  18. I have on my 2015 Denali now the wheels and tires ( 20" OEM Denali rims in Chrome ) I would wanna get the 22's for the truck from GM but would wanna sell these wheels first $1,700 OBO 4,200 miles and counting as it is my daily driver anyone interested? these are chrome not the polish or brushed aluminum style like some Denali wheels have now more pictures if you want just ask the image below is off google to show what they look like
  19. Goodyear Wrangler SR-A 265/65R/18. 1500 miles on them. $600 OBO. I'm in Northern Michigan.
  20. Hey guys. Got some new rubber installed. Goodyear Duratracs 275/70/18 Running with 2.25" level & 3" rear blocks Sorry truck is still dirty. Just got the tires installed yesterday and it rained all day yesterday. I will post up a better pic once the weather turns nice.
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