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  1. I ordered the drop shackles, then returned them and had them send me the leveling keys instead. Looks good though.
  2. I got mine back from the dealership today after having been in there for two weeks. They were unable to reproduce my issues. Perhaps it worked itself out... perhaps not. I'll update as it progresses. They said that on the 1st visit they did a service bulletin to my truck. I cannot confirm that this solved my issue.
  3. Rancho 4" lift

    Looks good btw. Care to update on how the Rancho Kit performs? Got any pictures with the BMF's on it?
  4. 265/65/17 = 30.55/10.71 265/70/17 = 31.65/10.71 285/70/17 = 32.76/11.50 285/75/17 = 33.86/11.26 295/70/70 = 33.31/11.77 305/70/17 = 33.86/12.24 315/70/17= 34.41/12.72 I would bet that a 305/70/17 = (33.86/12.24) would work fine. However, getting someone to mount them on factory wheels will be the challenge seeing as the factory wheels aren't technically wide enough for this width of tire. So with what your planning to do you'll likely be looking at a 285 or a 275. I've seen on here a guy running 325/65/18's on a cranked torsion bar truck, removed some metal and those are 34.9x13. So what this tells you is that it ought to fit, but the offset or "backspacing" on the factory wheels and the wheel width might limit you.
  5. In that case I understand you were lucky to get any support at all from the dealership. Thank you for the response.
  6. I am misunderstanding you... are you saying you had an aftermarket stereo? or the OEM Stereo?
  7. What specific model are you referring too? My truck has been at the dealership for days without them being able to reproduce my issues. They're telling me they are driving it several times a day trying to replicate the problems.
  8. Dropped my 2015 Z71 -2500 LTZ regular cab off this morning after spending an hour driving around with one of the dealers top service guys. Of course in an hour of cruising red lights we couldn't duplicate my issues. This is my second time in the shop - because of the intermittent nature of my trucks issues I see this being a long process. My center stack will loose power and flash, my a/c controls will simply not respond. My microphone speaker system as it pertains to OnStar and phone pairing is wacky and it makes noises only a machine could make. Of course then there is the transmission kick down and lurching issue. My truck has 2,700 miles on it. Made 1st payment yesterday. This is a thrilling ride for me especially as a guy who once said, "I'll never own a GM vehicle." I suppose not all hard an fast axioms are wrong. That said the Texas Edition LTZ 4x2 with active fuel management I got to drive while they are conducting the "science experiment" on my truck is a nice ride. I'll update when I know more.
  9. I am in the same boat... traded a 12 Cummins for this... going back for second visit to dealership this week.
  10. 1" Level

    I ordered those shackles also from McGaughy's - I've not installed them yet - any chance you would throw up some pictures Cowpie?

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