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  1. I have a 2014 6-speed 5.3. Mine did it this morning for the first time, and I JUST passed 1,000 miles on the clock. I was driving in wet weather, about 2 miles from my house, went around a corner and it definitely felt like tranny slip not hesitation. It wasn't from 1st to 2nd, but probably 2nd to 3rd. And no, it wasn't tire spin in the rain either...kinda weird.
  2. new dude from FL

  3. Bose Sound Quality?

    http://www.crutchfield.com/p_206SSIRE14/Kicker-VSS-8482-SubStage-8482-SSICRE14.html?tp=61674 It's called the Kicker VSS SubStage SSICRE14. The box specifically fits Silverados and Sierras. It works with Bose and non-Bose systems, and hooks into factory wiring. It's the perfect bass solution for someone who doesn't want to heavily modify a vehicle. One 10" Kicker sub with a built-in 200Watt Amplifier. Crutchfield sells it for $699, but Amazon has it for around $575 I think with free shipping. I may ask "Santa" for it for X-mas LOL.
  4. Aged Inventory Incentives?

    Well when mine went from $52k down to $40k I still think I got a smokin' deal. I guess it depends on the dealership, salesman, and truck. Sounds like you got a good deal man!
  5. Bose Sound Quality?

    BTW, I also think the "sound stage" of the OEM Bose system is actually pretty good. Especially with live music. I am particularly pleased that the back door speakers actually sound good too, not muddy and washed out like previous models. I've had a Murano, a 350Z Roadster and an Avalanche all with Bose...and the Silverado sounds the best hands down.
  6. Aged Inventory Incentives?

    Huh???? $15,000 off a 2015? Is that including your trade? I've NEVER heard of a discount that deep before. Especially since white diamond is an extra $1k alone...
  7. Aged Inventory Incentives?

    3 weeks ago I went to buy a 2015 Silverado LT C/C 4x4 that was marked-down by about $8k. The salesman (same one I ALWAYS go to) told me they had 2 leftover 2014s! Long story short, I bought a much nicer 2014 Crew Cab LTZ Z-71 2LZ Silverado for $40,400--when the sticker price was originally $52,300--and they even threw-in the window vent visors and sprayed-in bed liner too! So I'd say there IS some incentive to get a 2014 if possible. They have to want those things gone, with the 2016s on the way!
  8. Bose Sound Quality?

    For years, I've gutted car after car, to completely replace the audio system. It's getting a little old (am so am I). While any stock audio system could never rival a full-on aftermarket set-up, I think the OEM Bose system in my new 2014 sounds pretty damn good. I have the center console with the subwoofer. I agree that the bass could be lower, but I'm planning on adding the Kicker Box w/integrated amp they now make for the new Silverado. I've heard good things about it. It should let me turn down the bass to the OEM sub and speakers; allowing them to play a little more cleanly while letting the dedicated SUB woofer play the extreme lows. One thing I ALWAYS do to my vehicles is Dynamat the inside of the outer door skins, and I apply 1-2 layers of 1/8" thick "Volara" Sound-Barrier Neoprene foam to the back sides of the door panels. It makes a world of difference! Dynamat soaks-up and dampens vibration. The Volara foam blocks any road noise / sound from making it through the doors. Dynamat can't do it all. In fact, I "say" I use Dynamat, but I've actually discovered a more mainstream product called "Peel-n-Seal" that is made by Cofair Products in Maryland...the same company that produces Dynamat, and it is a FRACTION of the cost. It is marketed as a window and door trim flashing sealer. It is a little thinner, about the same thickness as the original Dynamat. It is a Butyl Rubber / Asphault compound with a very powerful adhesive. I call it "Redneck Dynamat". I refuse to buy Dynamat anymore, as it is overpriced. I've applied "Redneck Dynamat" to my last few vehicles, and it makes a world of difference! It sticks really well too. Hell, I applied it to the back side of my aluminum-skinned garage door in small sections, and you wouldn't believe how much quieter it is now! Anyway, I like the OEM Bose system, but will probably add the Kicker Sub Upgrade under the back seat. I will also apply my Redneck Dynamat and Volara Sound Barrier foam to the doors to improve the already quiet ride of the Silverado.
  9. 2015 Remote Windows function

    Hmmm...interesting. Subscribed! I'll wait to see if that little OBDII device works for our trucks...
  10. another mod today baby!!!

    Sweet man looks good!
  11. Sweet truck man...love the blue! Those stock rims are nothing to bitch about LOL.
  12. Foglights On With High Beams

    I just performed the #10 to #18 diode mod. Cost me $1.47 for 2 diodes at radio shack. Took me 5 min to install thanks to the pics in this thread. Now, I have SIX lights blazing on the front of the truck when in hi beam mode. Awesome! Thanks again for the intel, guys!
  13. CIPA Towing Mirrors

    CIPA Tow Mirrors (Pair), # 10950 - $45.82 on Amazon.com with free shipping. I just bought these for my new 2014 Silverado. I installed them last night and they fit GREAT! I tried to pull them off, and tried to get them to come loose or misadjust the mirror by slamming the door and they were solid as a rock. I know they're UGLY, but to slip them on to tow my boat for the afternoon doesn't bother me. I won't leave them on all the time. I will probably add a few more strips of 1/8" thick neoprene foam to the insides with some spray adhesive...just to make sure they don't rub through the chrome on my mirror caps. I had CIPA clip-on tow mirrors on my '07 Tahoe and '12 Avalanche and they always worked great, but these are a much more solid design!
  14. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    I just installed my new Access Tonnosport cover on my new 2014 Silverado. It took me about 30 mins. Was very easy with my trusty Irwin Quick Clamps! It's nice and tight, latches very securely, and seems to be waterproof for the most part. Very high quality construction, and very low profile. Now my new sprayed-in bedliner won't fade and rot in the Florida sun! Their top-of-the-line "Limited" cover is well over $500. THE TONNOSPORT IS VERY SIMILAR TO THE ACCESS "LIMITED" COVER, BUT 1/2 THE PRICE! I got it for $242 on Amazon with free shipping! Love it!

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