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  1. I had stock tires (265/65/18) on 18" rims with a 2" motofab leveling kit under the strut on the lower control arm on my 2015 Z71. I never experienced rubbing issues; however, I did have some issues with ball joints and cv joints when making tight turns while in 4wd. I switched last year to the bilstein leveling shocks and am now running Cooper Discover AT3 XLT (275/70/18). I still don't have any rubbing issues. All that to say i don't have any issues going to a larger tire on a leveling kit.
  2. I'm interested, if you haven't sold this yet
  3. what did you do for the blue footweall lights? i kinda like that
  4. They probably are 265/65/18. I was trying to go off the top of my head. From looking around online, it seems that the economical way to go is the lower strut spacer.
  5. So is there a consensuses on which leveling kit to go with to level the truck out with running stock tires and wheels for right now? 275/70/18 i think.
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