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  1. Sold. Please delete/close thread.
  2. I'm selling a set of Method Race Wheels. I purchased at the end of last November. I put them on the Truck sometime in December and then Covid hit and I have worked from home ever since. These have maybe 1500 miles on them, and are in perfect shape. Only selling because I'm traded the truck in and these wont fit my new 1500 AT4. Here are the details from my order: METHOD RACE® - 312 Bronze with Matte Black Lip (18" x 9", 8x180 Bolt Pattern, 130.81mm Hub), COOPER® 90000019908 - DISCOVERER S/T MAXX (LT305/60R18 Q), Free ROAD FORCE® Mounting and Balancing, COYOTE® - Zinc Adhesive Balancing Weig
  3. I hate to bump an old thread, but I'm going to! How long did this process take? My 15 with 6.2 and 8spd has 20k on it, I've had the torque converter replaced, I've had the tranny replaced, and its still horrible. I essentially have a $60k truck that I hate, so I drive my 03 project wrangler around! The grill was replaced at around 5k miles as it was falling apart, and now my dash is coming apart. This is the worst purchase of my car buying life and I've bought many. Never should have traded my 09 2500HD diesel for this POS. Between driving the 45 minutes it takes to get to the dealer a
  4. its the typical clunk between gears...around 25/30mph and 45/50mph when it shifts between gears. the torque converter was supposed to correct the issue, but its no better than before. if this won't fix it I'm getting rid of the truck.
  5. I just had my torque converter replaced at 8K miles to help fix the know clunk when shifting in my 15 6.2/8spd...well it didn't help at all. Have you had positive results with the tune and adjusting the shift points to help get rid of this?
  6. I have a 2015 LTZ 2LZ CC with the 6.2 and 8 speed and it has been the worst vehicle I've purchased in a long long time. Between the transmission feeling like its going to fall out of the truck, the grill bubbling and starting to peal, and some other small issues I regret trading in my 09 LTZ CC DMAX. For $60k you would expect to have a quality vehicle. Its going in for another reflash, a new grill, and potentially a tranny early next month, if that doesn't clear up the issues its getting traded in.
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