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  1. Dear Friend, I have a 2000 Silverado Z71 Ext Cab 5.3 L with Bridgestone Alenza 265/75/16 tires with Bilstein shocks that I purchased around 2005. The shocks still perform like new and this is my 3rd set of Bridgestone Alenzas. Compared to new Silverados off the lot, my truck rides smoother and handles far better. Shocks and tire can turn a stock truck into a fine Cowboy Cadillac for a nominal fee. Forget Michelin tires no matter what the sales people say. I've tried Michelin LTX and they didn't come close in performance to the Alenzas. For a new 2014/2015 or 2016, the best choi
  2. Dear Friends, GM engines have always gotten the best fuel stats compared to Ford, Dodge and Toyota while also being reliable. The new Turbo 6 in the Ford isn't near as efficient as a Chevrolet V-6, plus it's being pushed to put out high horsepower in a small block without being beefed up to withstand the added heat and power. Some are concerned about shorted engine life because of these issues. You'll be better off buying a small block V-8 that doesn't have to work so hard and gets about the same MPG, plus be sure to run Mobil 1 in your Ford Turbo for the best protection. Put on th
  3. Dear Friends, I've driven both the Tacoma and the Colorado and was disappointed with both. Currently drive a 2000 Silverado 5.3 L V-8 and the Colorado just doesn't compare. I'm thin, 6'2" but have a broad frame and was uncomfortable in both the Colorado and Tacoma. A mid-sized truck with V-6 should be able to get close to 30 MPG on the highway, yet the Colorado only got 1-2 MPG better than the full sized Silverado with 5.3L V-8, an excellent engine with tons of power. It's time that trucks incorporated far better aerodynamics with a sleeker more sports car like front end design to "slic
  4. Dear Members, I've use Mobil 1 Extended Performance 5W30 in my current 2000 Silverado 5.3 L V-8, and Mobil 1 10W30 in my past 1994 Z28 5.7 V-8 6-speed. In both cases, my gas mileage is 2-4 MPG better than the EPA estimates. My truck gets 20-22 MPG on the highway, with all around mileage in the 18-20 range, and the Z28 came close to 30 MPG on the highway when the EPA rating was 26. I also run my Bridgestone Alenza truck tires at 38 psi (3 psi above the door recommendation) which also helps improve the gas mileage and provides for an improved ride. Synthetic Oil lowers the internal re
  5. Wrong! The only thing off-road about a Z71 are the plates under the front differential and transfer case and the better quality shocks. Springs, torsion bars and leaf springs are all the same. The stock suspension has under damped shocks for any condition. If you want a smooth shock, try the Monroe Sensatrac, but they will not last more than 30,000 miles. They are designed to be smooth in the middle travels zones and tighten with increase travel. Monroe Reflex is a step up and has a relief value that smooths out road irregularities. As long as you run Bilsteins with high quality
  6. Best tire pressure is usually around 38 PSI. As far as the Z71 package, the only difference in the suspension is the shocks. The springs are exactly the same in the standard Silverado/Sierra and Z71 package. You also get plates over the differential and transfer case to prevent damage if you were to hit a rock off-road. The former information is incorrect stating that the Z71 suspension is stiffer. The only difference are the shocks and plates. Most buy the Z71 package for "looks." Put on better tires...they make a huge difference. I run Bridgestone Alenzas which are excellent
  7. Dear Sir: Your truck has Rancho Monotube single stage high pressure shocks. Rancho also makes several two stage shocks as well, the Rancho RSX and the adjustable. My experience with all Rancho/Monroe shocks is that they don't last, nor do they perform well. Cheap! Back before 2000, Bilstein made shocks custom designed for the Silverado/Sierra. I've used Monroe Sensatracs in my '89 Chevrolet Silverado, but they wore out so fast that I got tired of constantly replacing them. Then bought a 2000 Silverado and put on a set Bilsteins at about 30,000 miles replacing the heavy duty two stag
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