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  1. Is Gen5diy the only place to get harnesses for swapping out headlights? Thx
  2. Yeah I'm in the same boat, have the mirrors and wiring harness but don't want to do it if I can't get the reverse tilt to work
  3. Do the DL3's have auto reverse tilt? Has anyone got those to work with the upgrade from DL8's? Thx
  4. Tint Colour Match

    Ok thx, I think I'll give 3m a shot
  5. It seems that the consensus is 20% window tint on the front windows is the closest match to the factory tint in the rear. But what about the colour? I have a 2015 Sierra with factory tint. when to my tint shop to get the front done and they put on Solarguard Galaxie at 20%. The tint matched but not the colour, the fronts look more green. Took it back and he put on HP Charcoal at 22% Its even worse fronts look so green. So im looking for anybody who has colour matched or close could you please let me know what brand and type of tint you had installed Thx in advance!!!!
  6. 17" Snow Rims?

    Tire rack says an alternate size for winter tires is 245/70/17. Anybody run this size, should I have any concerns on my sle?

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