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  1. Oh okay sorry about that I didn't think about Tapatalk.
  2. Thanks, Mine came with the blacked out bumpers and grill but had chrome door handles, mirrors and trim so I swapped all that out for black. Thanks all the info is in my signature. Thanks all the info is in my signature.
  3. I don't know from experience just going by what TheRetroFitSource guy said. If you do figure out how to do it without taking the bumper off please post how you did it.
  4. My understanding is you have to pull the whole bumper off. That's whats kept me for getting new fogs.
  5. Hey guys I'm selling my wheels and tires off my truck. They only have 2600 miles in them and are in perfect condition. Tires are Good Year Eagle LS-2 275/55r20 and have never been plugged or patched. Comes with the TPMS still in them. Shipping would be to expensive so local pickup in the Houston area only. $1250
  6. Well that's good to hear. He seemed like he didn't want to mess with it just told me it was in spec. I guess he got me for $60. I'll find someone that will do it right.
  7. The truck was pulling to the left after the level install, I had it aligned and now it pulls even harder but to the right. Guy at the shop said it was in spec and gave me this printout. Thinking of taking it to the dealership and seeing if they can do anything.
  8. Did a 3" MotoFab level to mine with 33"s. I love how it turned out but I'm having alignment issues.
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