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  1. And done. I had to have an ... "energetic" debate with the service writer, and then another one with the GM of their service department. As the manager began clicking through the online documentation, his facial expression told the entire story. He finally said, "Oh, I can see your train of thought here..." which is probably the closest I'll get to an apology from him. Later, the tech who was working on my truck came out to explain what had happened. They read through the bulletin where it says, "Replace the tank!" and they did that. They didn't read the entire "Replace the tank" document that clearly says: "Run the Service Bay test" at the end of it. So he did that. And I have my truck back.
  2. Thank you, once again (all of you) for helping clarify this for me. I've documented the entire transaction and am lucky enough to have contacts at GMHQ. The documentation and email that I received back from them seems to indicate a high likelihood that the dealership just didn't perform the Service Bay Test at all. That test is what clears the "Limited to xxx" message. That was his guess, anyway. And he knows they've already performed the test because he checked to see if GM's been billed for it (they have). Meaning: there's a paper trail. I've yet to get back to the dealership to get this all unfornicated; I hope to do that tomorrow. I'll respond back when all is fixed. Thanks again.
  3. It could be; I don't have the Helm manuals for the truck, and I'm guessing the tank replacement procedure is detailed in them. It may very well include the regen process and was expected to be done.
  4. Pardon my intense ignorance on the matter, but: is that what's required? It'll be limited to 65MPH due to "Service Exhaust Fluid System", but it's the regen that's needed? Curious that it's not listed or called out in the TSB.
  5. Thanks for the follow-up. I'm going to sit tight for a short while and see what happens. They may be getting a little call from someone in Detroit, as I know people who know people. My case has been made to the engineering folks; we'll see what comes of it. Perhaps something interesting; perhaps nothing at all.
  6. The claim was that the regen, since it's not specifically called out in the bulletin, isn't covered by it. They replaced the DEF tank as prescribed, and did so free of charge. It's the regen they wanted to charge me for.
  7. Truck has less than 18K miles on it and was repaired under the special policy. Wouldn't there be some sort of Regen-specific warning on the DIC?
  8. Hey guys - I hit the wonderful "DEF Heater" issue on my 2015 last week. This was accompanied by the CEL/MIL, and the warning that I had 100 miles (and counting) before I'd be limited to 65MPH. I brought the pickup in Monday morning, they swapped out the tank today, and told me I could come take the truck. Interestingly, the CEL/MIL is gone, but the message about "Miles until 65MPH" is still present on the dash, and it's continuing to count down. They insisted that this would have been fixed if they'd done a regen (at my cost... I told them to FO) or if I just keep driving it. Well I'm down to 40 miles now before the limiter kicks in. Did they screw something up, or forget to reset something? Or will driving it eventually clear that warning? Thanks.
  9. Pardon my ignorance, but wouldn't that result in some potentially disastrous engine problems?
  10. Hey folks - Within the last month or so, my 2015 Duramax has been behaving a bit strangely when cold. The definition of "cold" in this case is merely anywhere between 10-25*F, give or take. After a cold start, the oil pressure bounces right up to where it should be during idle. However, shortly after I put it in gear, drive down the road, and round a corner, the pressure bounces off "0". It usually happens twice in quick succession and I get the requisite "TURN YOUR ENGINE OFF, YOU MORON!!" alarm. After each bounce off 0, the pressure shoots right back up to where it needs to be, and all is good. This only happens when the truck is cold. After that point, I have no more issues with it until it sits in the cold for a few hours. My last oil change receipt says they used 10qts (which is correct) and they used the appropriate 15W40 oil, which for these temps in Northern VA should be perfectly fine. Bad sensor that doesn't like to be cold, maybe? Should I just have them change the oil and do it again? The oil level seems correct based on my last "HOT" check this weekend, so I'm not losing any. Any other thoughts?
  11. I'm going to tentatively say: dammmmn. This seems to have (knock on wood) solved it. I guess the tape is interrupting the aero flow over the middle light just enough that it's not slamming down into the leading edge of the sunroof or something like that. Thanks for the suggestion!
  12. If you get the opportunity, could you snap a quick pic of that so that I can see? There's no real "edge" of the center marker, per se. It protrudes up through the roof. Did you just cover the seam between the light and the roof?
  13. Yep, I do have the running lamps/clearance markers. And I suspected them, as well. But it clearly goes away when I crack the sunroof open a bit.
  14. Heya folks - My dealership and I are currently trying to troubleshoot a new annoyance with my 2015 2500HD: a massive howl coming from the leading edge of the sunroof at highway (~60MPH or higher) speeds. Here's the history: I haven't actuated the sunroof in, perhaps a year or so. A few weekends ago, I parked the truck outdoors on a reasonably sunny, warm day. To keep the interior cool, I cracked the sunroof open with the "Vent" button. All good. When I started the truck back up, I closed the vent and drove home. It was during the drive home that the howl started. Right around 60MPH or higher, the noise is so awful I almost need to wear ear plugs. It's not a wind noise whistle that you may be used to hearing. It's quite a bit louder than that. I've noticed that it seems to behave first thing in the morning; perhaps that's a temperature thing. When I drive to work in the morning, I don't hear it. But any time after that, *HOWWWWWWL*. Fortunately(?) I see no evidence of water making its way past the seal. Also, I can make the howl go away by slightly opening the sunroof, so I know it's definitely that. The dealer has tried: Dielectric grease Adjusting the sunroof Performing a TSB that calls for replacing the glass's weatherstripping None of these has helped. Before I drive the truck back, are there any other ideas or suggestions? Thanks!
  15. Cell Phones and Older Trucks

    This is the best answer, IMHO. Second to that: a BT headset, such as a Jawbone.

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