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    4 wheeling some golf helping the kids get started in life love my truck and my 550 grizzly with power steering dam i am getting lazy since I retired
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    2002 GMC 2500 HD ccsb 8.1 4X4 09 550 grizzly 2013 awd Terrain

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  1. just got through buying a new GMC Acadia test drove 2 different ones, after getting tags for it dealer called saying all the paperwork was for the wrong vehicle had to go back to DMV and get title back so dealer could correct the paperwork, so make sure the VIN matches the paperwork.
  2. Sounds good my 02 with 200,000 miles runs 40 on highway and 20 idling with no ill effects.
  3. This only occurs in 4 wheel drive? Are the front and back tires the same size with similar tread wear? If not the difference in the circumferance might be enough to cause some tire scrub even in straight line.
  4. yes the 8.1 has tow haul mode works similar to duramax as far as dwonshifting while braking
  5. My 2002 2500HD with 8.1 and allison pulls my 14 ft bumper hitch dump trailer with 5 ton of gravel no problem. I know i am a bit overloaded so i keep mainteneace up of both units and is usually only short local pulls. The 8.1 and allison combination pull great but you are right gas mileage is dismall though etter than i expected. Unloaded i usually get 10 to 11 mpg, pulling trailer figure 6 to 7 mpg. Quart of oil 1500 to 2000 miles with 195,000 on the odometer. I have had truck since 110,000 no troubles with motor (other than oil cooler lines) or transmission. The problems have been with rust rocker panels,fenders, brake lines, rear brake components. I have had it 7 years with no plans on replacing it jsut to much fun with the big block.
  6. Sounds like he is in a country that goes bye celcius and when the battery got changed things went to Farenheit
  7. I have the same truck . I guess I am lucky 11mpg around town if i drive sensible, 12 mpg on highway running 65-70 got 13 once driving level 2 lane at 55mph before the leveling kit and larger tires. I bought it in 2010 with 110,000 miles for $11,000 it now has 195,000 miles only mechanical probles was one front hub and the fuel pump.. I occasionlly pull a 14 ft dump trailer loaded to 12-13000 lbs with no problems other than muileage drops to about 7-8 mpg. The mechaical part of this truck is not the concern, its the rust part that is problematic, brake lines,fuel lines, cab.,ab corners, fenders even hinges on tail gate. Almost forgot to mention the exhaust manifold bolts that rust off also. I still love the truck, its a beast that is fun to drive. dont expect to find much after market performance parts.
  8. Looks like they were produced until 1974 so I am assuming they were put in pickups until then.
  9. Out of idle curiosity was wondering was the big block v6's (305 or351) ever offered in the early jimmiesand if so how many were produced.
  10. Have a similar trailer to yours did not like the factory hitch looked a bit flimsyand was having rust issues so bought a B&W hitch with 16,000 lb tow rating and a 1,600 lb tongue weight. It does not bolt to bottom of bumper like the factory hitch but overall is very heavy and was easy to install. I have alot more confidence in it than i did the factory one. I have a 2002 2500 HD with an 8.1 allison ccsb, Trailer is a 2014 PJ 14 ft bumper hitch dump. It is very easy to overleoad so I like everythign to be as strong as possible, with this setuip i feel pretty good..
  11. Jefferson city mo here for last 23 yrs Lane ks before that . 02 2500 hd with an 8.1 love it as much as it loves gas
  12. i have a 2014 82" X14 ft pj dump trailer and have to say it is very well built and pulls good. has 7k axles under it and have had 7 ton of rock on it several times, I pull it with a 2002 2500HD with an 8.1 allison .. I could have probably rented a dump trailer to do what i have done with mine but the convenience of having my own is worth it. I looked at several different makes and thought the fit and finish of the PJ exceeded the others. Smooth welds better paint also. The bed is made with 2 pieces of steel with one weld down the center plus the side mounted tie downs make it dump clean. Only time i had trouble dumping was a 6 ton load of quarry fines loaded way to far to the front but about 15 shovels thrown from front to back took care of that. The only down side of the trailer if you would call it a downside is it is very heavy empty. Mine has the slide in ramps so i could haul my tractor in it if i need to. All around I think it was a good buy it seems I am always finding a use for it for myself or friends.
  13. Was your old truck a 2 inch receiver and the new truck a 2 1/2 inch receiver? that would account for the half inch of slop in the receiver. They make an adapter to use your 2 inch hitch in your 2 1/2 inch receiver, it slides into your receiver then you hitch slides into it then both are pinned in as usual Not sure i that i saw one at wally world in fact.
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