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  1. LBZ bad mpg

    Cluster was done by local stealer so I’m hoping they did. Didn’t see any hoses loose and if they were wouldn’t it dump black smoke everywhere? air filter only has a few thousand miles on it
  2. LBZ bad mpg

    Hey guys my 2006 LBZ CCSB 4x4 is getting 12.5mpg and 260ish miles to the tank. I’m guessing normal 26gal tank, it has 285 bfg all terrains stock wheels, egr block, injen cold air intake, resonator delete, down pipe back 4in straight pipe and I don’t drive like a bat out of hades. Was getting 15.6 before I put a new cluster in it. No visible leaks fuel head stays tight, has raptor 150 lift pump. Balance rates look great but #6 is only a little out of spec when in park when the engine is cold but drops to spec when warm. Runs great seems to have good power. No black smoke from tailpipe just a little haze you can see at night. Hazes a tad at idle when it’s warm and sits idling for an extended period of time. Pleas help I’m about to tear my hair out!
  3. 6.5 straight pipe exhaust

    Thanks for the feedback!
  4. 6.5 straight pipe exhaust

    1998 not sure about the turbo
  5. Hey guys just bought a 6.5 with 150xxxmi. I wanna open it up and put a straight pipe on it. I like the 5 better than 4 anyone know of a manufacturer or could send a link?
  6. 2500HD Mirror Swap

    If everything as of now is factory you should be able to switch it right over if the mirrors have the same options. It’s all plug and play once the door panel is off. I did it on my 05 1500 from the little power mirrors to power tow mirrors. It wasn’t bad, door panel was a little frustrating
  7. Wheel bearing? Front wheel sound!

    Maybe a CV axel? I know my passenger side boot needs attention but would it resonate to the other side?
  8. Hey guys I put my stock wheels and tires back on today from a set of 20s I had on it. All of a sudden I’m hearing a small noticeable scraping sound from my front drivers side wheel. I checked it out nothing seems to be meeting the wheel and the dust plate doesn’t seem to be bent. The sound is almost like the brake pad is dragging. It’s weird it didn’t do it until I swapped back to my factory 16s for a “better ride”. Any ideas guys? I tried the shake at 12 and 6 on the wheel and it’s tight as can be no play. Handles fine. When I go about 15-20mph you can hear it some straight but more when I turn to the right. Any higher speeds it’s hard to hear because of the straight pipe exhaust and normal engine noise. I’m running 285/75/16 Michelin’s so I’d think tires would be the least of my worries. But anyway please let me know if y’all think of anything!
  9. Reasonable dmax miles

    Depends on which model engine you buy some are great for the long haul. LBZs are great lmm and lml are great and even the llys are good. Not saying LB7s are bad they just have a few notorious issues at certain ages
  10. Hey guys my 06 2500hd just gave me the message this morning when I cranked it, Abs light, E brake light, and service brake system message. Fluid is fine. Drives great brakes are good no squeaks. Thanks for input guys!
  11. symptoms of a bad wheel bearing?

    Not sure sold the truck they were tight with no play

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