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  1. I just discovered this evening that I have a rear axle issue. With the truck jacked up, grabbing the tire top/bottom and moving it, the entire axle shaft is "tilting" so to speak up and down. Granted, I had an experienced "mechanic" looking this over right along with me and now I know where my "growling/grinding" sound is coming from. Going in reverse, it is very grabby and clunky sounding. To the point of the matter. Any ideas what is wrong before I pop the cover off and begin looking around in there at something I have no idea what I am looking at? The data tag is worn down on my door, so I have no idea what my ratio's are. How can I find out what the ratio is?
  2. Ok. Please forgive me, but I have to ask. What is "bump steer"? I too am looking to install a stabilizer on my 07 that I just lifted. Reason being, the steering is extremely twitchy and jerky and rough roads/pavement. I just did a 7.5" lift and put on 35x12.5x17's.
  3. I am actually about to lift my '07 Sierra Z71 Crew Cab within the next couple weeks, as soon as I decide on wheels. I have already purchased a Rough Country 7.5" lift with performance shocks/struts. I am going with the BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A's 35x12.5x17's. Just trying to decide on wheels which I think I have and may order here within the hour. I also purchased the nerf step bar from Rough Country. Before/after pics to come.
  4. I agree with rj. Best way to check yourself for a bad bearing is fairly quick. Jack up the front end and use a pry bar and put under the tire and lift up on the bar and try moving the tire around and look for excessive hub movement; excluding steering linkage slop if you have any. Last year I had a front left wheel bearing go out on me on my way to work. came back home that night, took the truck to my neighbors garage and we did the pry bar trick and my entire wheel moved around on the spindle. $300 dollars later it was fixed. Good way to check your ball joints as well.
  5. I am planning to lift my '07 Sierra within the next month and up to this point, was decided on the Rough Country 7.5" lift. http://www.roughcountry.com/gm-suspension-lift-kit-264.html I have been sifting around on these forums for the last hour and havent really seen any serious talk about lift kits. I am just asking ANYONE WHO HAS lifted their trucks, what manufacturer you used/preferred and why? I am not and do not plan on doing an air lift.
  6. I have a '07 Sierra 5.3 alum engine that has been giving me oil issues for the last 5000 or so miles. Quick run down, Last month, dash began telling me the engine oil level was low, and also began to lose pressure. Pressure level normally runs 55lbs. But driving from home to work is a 30 mile trip and the first day I noticed this, I was almost to work, came to a stop at a stop sign about 1 mile from work, and my oil dropped to appx 25-30lbs. Check engine light was NOT coming on with the "oil level low" display. So I said to myself, Oh well. I am at work now. I will pop the hood and check it tonight. Amazingly enough, NOT LOW. Started the truck, pressure went straight to 55ish lbs or pressure. Let it idle and warm up to 210 and still held high pressure. Drove home and about 5 miles from home at 65 I was pulling 40 and lower lbs. Engine was due for a oil change anyways, I began thinking restricted oil filter. I use Royal Purple (truck has 140k miles, money isnt a concern when it comes to my truck) and changed the oil and filter as usual. Low oil went away and pressure back up to 55-60lbs. Now for the issue at hand. I am only about 2000 miles into this oil change and the truck is saying low oil level again, AND noticing about 10-15lb drop in pressure. Once again, I checked the oil on a flat surface at full temp and the level on the dipstick is maybe 3/16" ABOVE the full hole on the stick!!! What is causing this "level" problem? I have already read the entire thread about the oil pressure switch screen/filter but nothing was ever mentioned about their oil levels. Any ideas before I begin throwing cash at a garage?

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