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  1. Bilstein shocks thread

    I am looking at running 305/55/20 BFG All Terrains and from my research I need a 2.5" level. Looking at either the RC 2.5" lift/level or getting the 5100 Adjustable Bilstein's coupled with the BDS level kit. In theory using the Bilstein's to raising it the extra .5" since BDS is 2" Can anyone recommend one way or the other, or if my theory is correct?
  2. My past month has been fairly eventful, so have hardly checked back on here. I have honestly not taken many pictures of my truck, maybe just a handful. Here are some pics and if interested a story below. Before During After A little back story, I found my truck while it was still wrecked and bought it before the shop started fixing it. Being a regular SLT package truck, I had made the decision to go ahead and do a full All Terrain Front end, and removed most of the other chrome accents. One of my headlights looked undamaged so we reused it, upon further inspection when I swapped to the 2016's the headlight had a large crack hidden behind the seal. So it was always EXTREMELY fogged and had water standing an inch or so in the bottom. The shop didn't know the difference between the SLE and SLT headlights, so when he bought the other he thought he found a good deal, but it was the SLE.(I wasnt charged for the SLE light and returned it to him when I got the '16's installed) So for months I drove the truck around with one SLT fogged up headlight and one SLE headlight. Haha, therefore i didnt take many pictures. Truck looks much better now but still have little things I want to fix and mod. Currently on the radar is a lift/level, that Im trying to decide which to do. Some new tires, looking at 305/55/20 BFG All Terrain T/A KO2's (require 2.5" lift/level). Looking at LineX bedliner and a Fold-A-Cover G4 Elite bed cover, and some window tint. That should keep me happy for a while until I start wanting a little more sound from the engine.
  3. Called them today, was told to use location #50, which is O2 SNSR A 15A. Far as I can tell everything is now working. They said the harness was made using a 2015 SLT, and that the instructions on their site were supposed to include alternate locations for the add-a-fuse. He wasn't sure why my 2014 didn't have pins in the other location. Far as I can tell my 2014 has most options other than Sunroof. I can take a picture of my options sticker though if anyone is wondering.
  4. Upon further testing, I stuck the add-a-fuse into another 15 just to try stuff out. I LED DRL's come on when they are supposed to but the LED High/low beam wont come on at all. Other than the hood being up and the add-a-fuse not being in the slot specified, I dont know why they are not working.
  5. I sourced the headlights and got a harness from Gen5DIY and finally got the time to knock it out. Got the front end off and running the new harness and got to my fuse box, per Gen5's website it says to put an add-a-fuse in slot 26, where there should not currently be a fuse. I stick it in and it feels loose, look around and there are no pins in that slot to hold or even power up the new fuse. Just for the hell of it I pulled another fuse and stuck the add-a-fuse in its slot and it felt firm and stayed in place, so I am not losing my mind. BUT when I stick the add-a-fuse in the other slot for testing it immediately turns on the LED running light. So if I have to find another location I guess its needs to be a 15 and something that isnt powered on until after the key is on. Any suggestions? I have sent an email to Gen5DIY asking for assistance, but that was only a few minutes ago and they are closed. I was hoping someone here could help me out so I can get the truck back together with the new lights instead of having to revert back to the old until I know what else to do.
  6. Same seller, potentially same pictures from the add I bought them from. I have the damaged pictures before I sent them back. I'll try to post them up later.
  7. Same seller, potentially same pictures from the add I bought them from.
  8. Didn't realize it till now but this is where I ordered my lights through last Thursday. Supposed to come in today IIRC. I ask some questions before ordering and found it funny they didn't know where their inventory came from. Said they were not a wrecking yard so I assumed maybe they bought new trucks and dismantled to used the drivetrain in something like Zamboni's. But they didn't know.
  9. I bought those, they came in damaged from shipping and the seller accepted a return. One headlight was almost perfect and the other I assumed was damaged during shipping, had a crack on the side of the lense and the tab sticking off the bottom was broken off. They may pop back up on there. So now I'm on the hunt for another set. If I were to go the dealer route gmpartsdirect.com has them around 850/each(794 + 50 core).
  10. Big OOPS

    BMW has rain sensors. They have an automatic windshield wiper setting that goes faster/slower depending on how heavy the rain is. Also think you could code the car to close windows if that sensor was tripped while parked.
  11. gen5diy has the headlights for 1200ish/set and the harness you need to swap them out.
  12. SLT lights part numbers:23506752 23506753 I have a question. When I look up the headlights just going by year, make, model.... It bring up the headlights for Sierra and Silverado. The part number you have listed here is shown as Sierra; W/O LED; Left or Right. Which LED is it talking about I wonder? It has another listing for Sierra; W/ LED left and right for a cheaper price. It has me confused.
  13. I think one of the pics on instagram mentioned frosting the LED lenses. How did you do that?
  14. Thanks for the info, followed him and you all. What all did you all do to his headlights other than painting?
  15. I have looked through most of this thread, but I am trying to find more pictures of this persons truck/headlights. Originally found this picture on DiodeDynamics.

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