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  1. New model Tailgate

    Thanks I had to ask.
  2. Does anyone know if the new model Tailgate can be substituted directly on a 2016 Sierra?
  3. That sounds like the simplest way. Thx
  4. Also is a resistor needed for the b/u leds?
  5. I have a ‘16 Denali and thought the taillights were sealed. Are they just plug and play and what led did u replace them with also leds for liscense? Thx
  6. How to wire in a light bar to operate in conjunction with existing fog light switch.
  7. Wiring in fog lights

    Can anyone tell me the pin location and wire color for fog lights & relay location on 2016 Sierra 1500?
  8. I really didn’t know the moderator would know better than me. Someone mentioned adjusting the fog lamps been all over my Manuel and can’t find any procedure for this. Does anyone know?
  9. I’ve adjusted them up as far as possible that’s why I’m wondering if a light bar could extend the distance without blinding others.
  10. That is a bar behind the lower grill
  11. Looks like I’m stuck with the setup — what’s your thinking of a light bar to augment the low beam distance or would it over correct and act as a hi beam
  12. No hi beams seem ok it’s the lack of distance on low I am concerned with and it is a 1500.
  13. Is there a simple Bulb change to upgrade headlights on 2016 Denali ?

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