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  1. Where do you guys mount the schrader valves? I'm going to stick with the manual inflation until I can save up some money for the onboard compressor in the spring probably. I was thinking of mounting them in the gas cap to keep them away from dirt/snow people's feet etc so they are protected? Is there enough room in there for both valves?
  2. I've been looking into airbags as an option also. The only thing I worry about is living in NY The winter can get a little rough at times I haven't been able to find much about how they hold up in the cold/snow/salt etc
  3. Installed the 5100's all around. Wondering if I could do an Add a leaf and remove the factory block all together to give the rear a little bit of lift for towing without going crazy?
  4. Just a quick question about the aal. Has anyone installed it without the block? I installed the bilstein 5100 on the 3rd setting up front. I knew going into it I would need to address the rear for towing etc. I feel like the aal on top of the rear block might be too much take when unloaded. I've also been looking at airbags but am not sure which way to go
  5. Just curious If people have installed the aal without the factory block? I'm hoping someone has info since this is an old thread.
  6. When did you install the airbags? I just installed the 5100's on the 3rd setting because tow frequently at times (depends on the time of year). I knew going j. I was going to have to do something to the rear end for towing. I have been debating airbags or just throwing an Add a leaf on instead. I live in NY ask the winters can be harsh sometimes and I'm just worried about airbags having problems in the snow/cold etc.
  7. I was just curious about your experiences towing with the BB tune? I'm looking at tuning my truck sooner rather then later. I use it to tow my ~6k lb horse trailer in the north east so we have some decent grades by nothing like our west. Do you still have the truck/tune/trailer setup (the post is from a few years ago)? What did you have then change? Any likes and dislikes I should be aware of?
  8. I have the g80 option according to the glovebox sticker. I plan to keep the truck for a while and don't want to deal with premature failure because of something I did to try and make the truck last longer. I have to try and contact ECGS and see what they say. If I don't change the carrier am I likely to have problems? I feel like my other option is to install an auxiliary transmission oil cooler?
  9. I've been looking int that setup. If I raised the front with the 5100 would it make the ride worse compressing the sprig like that?
  10. That makes sense. I never tow higher then the trucks rating but sometimes it definitely has to work harder then t should especially pulling up big hills. I change the transmission fluid every 30k miles or so because the temps can get a little high for my liking especially during the summer months at times. I'm looking to keep the truck for a long time no plans to sell or trade in the forseable future so longevity of the drivetrain is important to me
  11. Thanks for the link. I'm looking to keep the truck for the long haul not planning to trade it in anytime soon so longevity of the drivetrain is important to me for sure. Maybe I will contact them and see exactly what kind of wear people have experienced etc?
  12. I'm not sure if anyone has discussed this particular scenario, I've poured through a number of different regear posts but I haven't found anything that really answers my question. I have a '14 Silverado DC z71 I purchased in 2015 used. I got a great deal on it, only 19,000miles and looked like it had never been driven. The dealer I got it from I had known years ago, his wife used to teach me horseback riding lessons when I was a kid. He told me the truck was 3.42 as well as another guy Arbizo the dealership. It took me too long to realize it's actually 3.08 so I'm basically stuck with it. I love the truck and it tows my ~6000lb horse trailer fine but I'm looking to Regear. I just don't love how it handles some of the hills and back roads I drive with the trailer. It always makes t but I feel like it's working too hard and I want it to last a while without needing a new tranny etc. I don't plan to lift it or add bigger tires or anything like that. All I'm looking for is improved towing (I know changing my gears won't Change my tow rating I'm not looking to tow anymore I'm just looking to improve towing performance for what I tow now within the trucks capabilities). My question is should I upgrade to 3.42 or if I'm going through the trouble am I better off just going to 3.73? How will 3.73 effect my gas mileage vs 3.08? I know it's a truck and I'm not looking for crazy mileage but don't want to be going to the gas station every other day since it's my daily driver also.
  13. Makes sense thanks for the help. I think I will order the 5100 all around in case I decide to level it if I can find a decent price. If not I'll just go with the 4600 because I probably won't actually end up leveling it but I can dream
  14. I forgot to mention I already have the roadmaster active suspension on the truck. I would love airbags but sometimes I need to be able to hook up to the trailer quickly and just go without wasting time inflating airbags. I know I can get the onboard air but that makes the cost and install time so much higher I just went with the RAS that I dont have to worry about changing anything
  15. Thanks for the input it's a lot to think about. I dont have a ton of $ to spend and don't need anything super fancy. I'm leaning towards the Bilstein it seems like they will hold up decently or at least perform better then the Rancho's and last as long. Would it be crazy to think that if i were to level the truck truck I could use the 4600's in the rear and get a set of 5100 struts up front?
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