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  1. I think tow/haul mode does more than this. I think it makes the shift quicker (harder) also. I appreciate the responses. Let me revise my question... I read once that a "smooth" shift (normal mode) puts more wear on the friction material in the transmission. A "hard" shift (tow/haul mode) puts less wear on the friction material in the transmission. Does anybody know if this is true?
  2. I read somewhere that Tow/Haul mode is actually easier on the transmission due to less "slippage" during gear shifts. The argument was that the shift will feel more harsh, but there is actually less wear and tear on the transmission. Anybody know if this is true? Should I always use Tow/Haul mode even during "easy" driving? I'm assuming the gas mileage will be a little less due to the increased revving of the motor, but I'm not too worried about that. I don't drive many miles. Thanks!
  3. I just bought a 2002 Chevy Suburban with 166,000 miles. There are quite a few things that need to be fixed. And here is one that I can't figure out... Anytime the key is in the "run" position, I hear this intermittent squeak, or chirp, or grind, etc. It sounds like the blend door is moving, but its louder. It happens every 20 seconds or so, like clockwork. It always does it no matter if you are driving, idling, or engine not running with the key in the "run" position. It "seems" to be coming from behind the passenger airbag, or behind the glove box. Somewhere back there. It doesn't matter which discharge location is selected. The sound frequency or pitch doesn't change. It doesn't matter where the temperature control is. It doesn't matter what fan setting is selected. Chimes are working properly. The noise happens even when the fan is set to "off". The noise seems to be completely independent of everything else. Nothing I do changes the sound, pitch, volume, etc. To me, it sounds like a blend door is grinding. But the blend door is working properly. All settings (floor, floor-dash, dash, floor- defrost, defrost) work properly, and the blend door is very quiet when it changes settings. It is quiet enough that i can't hear it while I'm driving at highway speed, but it is very noticeable when idling. If searched and searched, and I cannot figure this out. Can anyone help me with this one? Thanks in advance!
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